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Looking Into The Future: Customer Buying Behavior Trends for 2018 (Part II)

Madhuri Guram
Content Marketer at PushCrew

The second part of the Marketing series is finally out!

Earlier this year, we asked 8 industry influencers to share ‘Customer Buying Behavior Trends ‘that retailers should cater to in 2018.

Hear it from the experts

Mike Rossi
Co-founder, Smile.io

As mobile commerce continues to rise, it’s more likely than ever that a customer is shopping your site from their phone..  Already customers are spending lots of time researching products while on the go, and as more brands make their shopping experience easy on mobile, shoppers will see less of a need to complete transactions on the desktop or in store.  

Building a strong mobile presence and customer experience is key to addressing these changing behaviors, and choosing platforms and apps that support this vision will make brands more appealing to mobile-focused customers.

Karl Pawlewicz
Head of Communications, Olark

I think consumer acceptance, and even preference, for automated interactions will grow in 2018. I realize this seems counterintuitive to the more human approach to marketing, but as more consumers adopt technology like Alexa for home control, we’ll see more customers willing to tolerate simple bot functionality to do things like place an order or ask basic questions about a product. I think AR and VR will also transform buying behaviour in 2018 and more consumers will expect to enter an augmented or virtual reality to try or see products before they buy.

Tomas Oberlo
Online Marketing Director, Shopify & Co-founder at Oberlo

With ecommerce, customers expect to buy what they want, when they want. They have immediate access to immeasurable information which impacts their buyer behaviour. That’s  why they expect a better user experience. It’s no longer about a one-size-fits-all approach. Customers want personalized interactions and a good shopping experience, which will make their life easier.

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