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A quick set of tools to kick-start your optimization journey.

AB Testing Significance Calculator Icon

A/B Test Significance Calculator

See if your test data has achieved statistical significance

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AB Testing Duration Calculator Icon

A/B Test Duration Calculator

Find out how long you need to run an A/B test to achieve statistically significant results.

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AB Testing Duration Calculator Icon

A/B Test Sample Size Calculator

Find out how big your sample size needs to be, to achieve a smart decision.

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Push Notification ROI Calculator Icon

Web Push Notification ROI Calculator

Enter your website traffic details and find out how much more revenue you can make using Web Push Notifications.

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Shopping Cart Icon

Cart Abandonment Calculator

Find out the cart abandonment rate and revenue loss for your online store.

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Landing Page Analyzer Icon

Landing Page Analyzer

Do a self-analysis of your landing pages from a conversion viewpoint.

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AI Powered Heatmap Icon

AI-Powered Free Heatmap Generator

Generate a predictive heatmap to analyze how visitors are likely to interact with your webpage

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