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Top 13 A/B Testing Tools to Consider When Entering the Experimentation Arena

9 Min Read

Gone are the days when businesses only focused their energies on sustaining the market heat. Today, the scenario has significantly changed and nearly 89% of businesses are heavily investing in customer-focused services including personalization[1], optimization, and experimentation to increase their conversions and overall revenue gains. If you want your venture to perform better and show results as intended, it’s time to re-think your business strategies, build and inculcate a culture of experimentation and invest in a good A/B testing tool that helps move your key business metrics in the positive direction. 

ab testing tool

VWO is an all-in-one, cloud-based A/B testing and conversion rate optimization platform that enables you to run multiple tests on campaigns, products, features, apps, and websites. You can easily conduct qualitative and quantitative research work, create test variations using its powerful visual editors, and map the performance of your tests via the robust dashboard. 

VWO also has a SmartStats feature that uses Bayesian statistics and assists you to run tests faster. This capability gives you more control of your experiments and helps you arrive at accurate conclusions sooner. At present, the platform is used by more than 5,000 enterprise brands, including eBay, Warner Music Group, Hyundai, Chargebee, and more. You can try it out for yourself with an all-included 30 day free trial.

VWO's A/B Testing Tool

Besides VWO, we’ve also listed 12 additional paid and free A/B testing, split URL testing, and multivariate testing tools for you to choose from to improve customer experience, increase conversions, and for overall revenue gains. Let’s take a look:

1. Optimizely

Optimizely stands amidst the industry’s top three A/B testing and conversion rate optimization platforms. With a comprehensive suite of CRO tools, it specifically and dedicatedly entertains enterprise-level customers who’re very serious about testing and personalization. 

At the root, Optimizely majorly focuses on offering web experimentation and personalization services. However, you can use its capabilities and services to run experiments on mobile apps and messaging platforms, as well as optimize the entire customer experience across all touchpoints. With Optimizely’s web experimentation product, you can also simultaneously run multiple tests on the same page and be assured of accurate results. 

Price/month: Optimizely pricing is available on request.

2. Adobe Target

Adobe Target[2] is an enterprise-grade tool that provides rule-based A/B testing and personalization services. It offers easy integration with Google Analytics and generates reports that you can use for UX testing, personalization, and altering marketing offers.

The platform basically takes you through a three-step experimentation setup process wherein you can easily create variations, target audience segments depending on your experiment hypothesis, and customize goals and settings for the test.

Adobe Target is a great A/B testing platform for medium and large businesses with large-scale and high-powered testing needs. 

Price/month: Pricing available on request.

3. Oracle Maxymiser

Oracle Maxymiser[3] is an advanced A/B testing and personalization tool that helps you design and run sophisticated campaigns. The tool comes loaded with many powerful features and capabilities such as funnel optimization, predictive analytics, and advanced targeting and segmentation that makes it a perfect match for data-driven marketing teams with in-house IT support. 

Additionally, Oracle Maxymiser allows you to build rules directly while using its visual editor to target profitable customer segments and displace highly personalized content. It also automatically develops customer profiles by aggregating data through various means and uses this information to create unique visitor experiences. 

Price/month: Pricing available on request.

4. AB Tasty

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and simple A/B testing tool, then AB Tasty[4] is a perfect option for you. Trusted by many renowned brands like Sephora, Walmart, Virgin Media, L’Oreal, and more, AB Tasty offers a holistic range of exclusive testing features. 

Besides the usual A/B, split, and multivariate testing options, the platform also offers an interesting funnel testing feature that enables you to experiment with changes across many pages at once. To validate test results, the tool also provides real-time view of your tests and their respective confidence levels. 

Price/month: Pricing available on request.

5. Google Optimize 360

Google Optimize 360[5] is the paid or premium version of Google Optimize. Besides encompassing all the basic features of its counterpart free version, such as A/B testing, native Google Analytics integration, URL targeting, Geo-targeting, etc., Optimize 360 takes things one step ahead. With Optimize 360 you can:

  • Rest up to 36 combinations while running a multivariate test
  • Run more than 100 experiments simultaneously
  • Make more than 100 personalizations simultaneously
  • Get access to Google Analytics 360 Suite administration

Price/month: Pricing available on request.

7 Free A/B testing tools

1. Google Analytics and Google Optimize

Google Optimize is especially recommended for experience optimizers who’re starting their experimentation journey. A Google product, this tool allows you to create and test different website versions and analyze which one performs better. 

Since it’s powered by Google Analytics, you get the advantage of a robust research tool in your arsenal as well. With Google Optimize, you can run simple A/B tests, split URL tests, and multivariate tests. But, if you’re looking to run some complex tests, then it’s better to switch to its paid version – Optimize 360, that offers many more testing capabilities and services.

Price/month: Free 

2. Wasabi A/B Testing Platform 

Wasabi A/B Testing Service[7] is a real-time, 100% API-driven, enterprise-grade project that enables you to use your own data and run experiments across the web, mobile, and desktop. It’s fast, easy-to-use, feature-rich, and its instrumentation is minimal. Wasabi is the experimentation platform for TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint.com, and other Intuit offerings.

Price/month: Free 

3. Five Second Test 

Five Second Test is a free A/B testing tool

With this tool, you can test any website element, such as a logo, graphic design, wireframe, app design, prototype, or a copy, and get insightful quantitative and qualitative visitor feedback. You can further use this data to optimize your page design and move your business metrics in the direction as planned. 

Price/month: Free

4. Vanity

Vanity[8] is an experiment-driven, datastore agnostic development framework for Rails. It’s a free A/B testing tool that works well for organizations using Redis as their database, cache, and message broker. While running an experiment Vanity picks two alternatives and calculates a z-score to determine the probability of a variation performing better. It also presents you with the probability of the right time to stop the experiment and draw conclusions.   

Price/month: Free

5. Genetify

Genetify[9] is an A/B testing and optimization software that enables experience optimizers to accelerate their business’s development cycle. It’s based on an open-source JavaScript framework for A/B  testing and quite simple to implement. 

Price/month: Free

6. Django-lean

Django-lean[10] is a split testing framework that enables you to implement tests in JavaScript, Python, or Django template code. It also gives you administrative views for analyzing the results of those tests.

Price/month: Free

7. Petri

Petri is a free a/b testing tool used by Wix
Image Source: [1]

Wix is one of the best and free website building tools and Petri[11] is its experimentation system. It covers an entire lifecycle of product experimentation including A/B testing and feature toggles. With Petri, you can easily collect user behavior data, define filters to determine which segment of users to include in your experiment, and use feature toggles to control inner implementation details and gradually roll out features.

Price/month: Free

Best among the rest – Our recommendations

In the list above, we’ve covered the top 13 free and paid A/B testing tools for just about every company’s testing, optimization, and personalization needs. While each of these platforms are great in their own way, offering testing, optimization, and personalization services, if you ask us, our recommendation drills down to only three platforms – Google Optimize, Optimizely, and VWO.

If you’re an organization that’s just entering the arena of testing and optimization and wants to take baby steps at the moment, then Google Optimize will best suit your needs and requirements. A product from Google’s arsenal, it’s been smartly and strategically designed to offer ease and infuse confidence in people stepping into the testing and experimentation sphere. 

Meanwhile, if you’re an enterprise-level business that’s majorly focused on driving results and doesn’t have a budget constraint, then we’d recommend you consider Optimizely for your testing and optimization needs

Using its robust A/B and multi-page experimentation tool, you can run multiple tests in parallel on the same page, and rest assured of accurate results. At the same time, you can also run experiments on dynamic websites, various dimensions such as ad campaigns, geography, and cookies, and even across myriad segmentation parameters, including devices, browsers, and campaigns. However, Optimizely does require much expertise and a fully dedicated experimentation team of product experts, marketers, developers, and designers to drive the vehicle.    

While Google Optimize is a free tool and Optimizely a high-priced one, there’s one tool that covers the middle ground and serves as an ideal tool for all types and sizes of business. VWO is a full-suite CRO tool, quite similar to Optimizely, but doesn’t carry the enterprise price tag. 

With VWO, you get qualitative and quantitative research tools, a visual editor to build experiment variations (without coding), and advanced targeting and segmentation options. You can easily target audiences in a way that you can simultaneously run multiple tests on the same page and get error-free results as well.

Hush Blankets, a Canada-based company, used VWO’s A/B testing tool to optimize its website experience and conversion rate. It used VWO services to find frictions on two of its most important pages – cart page (mobile) and product display page for Hush Classic (desktop). It revamped the two pages using VWO”s visual editor and ran an A/B test for 15 days. The exces at Hush Blankets saw an uplift of 5.67% in their conversion rate (visits to checkout page), further a 33.15% uplift in checkout rate and an overall revenue gain of 51.32%.

All-in-all, if you’re looking for a near-enterprise level A/B testing and optimization tool that’s user-friendly and comes at a fraction of the price compared to its counterparts, VWO is your go-to tool. 


We hope we’ve pointed you in the right direction and our list of top 13 A/B testing tools will help you make an informed decision. Let us know if you’re interested in knowing more about testing and optimization. Sign up for a demo or free trial today!

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