A/B Testing Insights Report 2023

Results from a study of 1M+ tests on 100K websites

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Is A/B testing a tool or a discipline in your company?


Many companies are planning to increase their spending on CRO to embrace A/B testing as a new normal soon. The A/B Testing Insights report includes insights from over 1M+ tests run on 100,000 websites across 18 industries. Know where you stand in the testing landscape from the deeper insights and industry benchmarks in this report.


A compilation of the top experiments from different industries will help you learn the kind of tests that others in your industry are running to scale conversions and establish future goals based on the benchmarks.

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Dave Nevogt
VWO was essential in understanding which landing pages and variants were performing and which were not. In our early days, this really helped us understand the types of copy our audience was responding to and helped shape our marketing efforts ever since.
Dave Nevogt
Co-founder & CMO, Hubstaff

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