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How to Run a Cost-Efficient Optimization Program With a Limited Budget

Duration - 40 minutes
Jan Marks

Jan Marks

SVP Customer Success, Multiplica

David Otero

David Otero

Sr. Consultant International Data, Making Science

Deepak Lamba

Deepak Lamba

Ex - CRO Leader & Head of Europe Business, VWO

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Choose the Right Technology: If you have a tiny budget, it might be tempting to start using Google Optimize. But your actual costs might be higher: Optimize is not as intuitive and flexible as VWO and requires dev assistance to generate test variations. If you are short of dev resources (which you most likely are), with VWO you can deliver the winning variant to all users instantly.

Work Efficiently: Don’t improvise. Use an organized, lean, agile process of analysis, ideation, design development, QA, launch, and monitoring. Avoid too many loops and design iterations. 

Analyze and Prioritize: Support your testing ideas with data. This will help in better prioritization of tests that matter.

Define Ownership: Many companies have launched an optimization program, but after a few months, the program loses its momentum and attention. Investing in a great testing platform, but not making full use of it increases costs. Somebody should “own” and orchestrate the ongoing optimization process and testing efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • Data-driven roadmap
  • Flexibility and variable costs
  • Efficient lean processes
  • Affordable technology

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