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How are your visitors actually using your website?

Surface insights with Visitor Behavior Analysis


Visualize where visitors click on your page

Drag the slider to get a quick snapshot of the new heatmap.

VWO features VWO features Heatmap


Playback your visitors’ actual page interactions

Here’s how visitors behave on our website!

VWO form report


Discover what slows down form fills

Find out drop-offs at each stage of the conversion funnel.

VWO form conversion report

Target and segment the right set of visitors

Choose from our 13 preset popular visitor segments or build your own targeting segment with 15 custom parameters. You can also run campaigns for all visitors and then deep-dive into your results to see how different segments behave.

Target by source /
campaign / medium

Search traffic -
paid / non-paid

New / returning

Mobile / desktop /
tablet traffic

Geo-location /
time / day

OS / browser /
user agent

Cookie value /
JavaScript variable


Visitor Behavior Analysis

Start analyzing your visitors' behavior!

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