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Edit element

Edit any text or image

With the Visual Editor, anything you see on your webpage can be edited - from images to text, and even the background. Change the position or scale of an image, or replace the image altogether. Edit the text copy, font, weight, colour, size, and more. Get alternative copy suggestions with a GPT-3 powered recommender.


Add new elements and widgets

Introduce new content on the page with basic elements or predefined widgets to make your webpage richer. With just one click, the Visual Editor allows you to add text, forms, lists, buttons, images, quotes, links, and many more elements. You can also add customizable banners, modals, timers, and other advanced widgets. Plus, you can build your own library with your customized widgets and reuse them whenever required.

Too good to be true?

Experience it yourself on the Live Playground below

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More power to you…

alternate cop suggestions

AI-driven alternate copy suggestions

Use GPT-3 powered AI copy generator to choose from a large set of copy suggestions based on the existing content on your website.

dynamic elements

Dynamic elements

Use on-page variables to modify content on your page on the fly based on context, visitor's profile and their past actions, and any other data point available.

With the power of VWO’s Visual Editor, your webpage is your playground, your canvas, and your whiteboard for nailing your visitor experience.

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Power of visual editor

Save a tonne of time with the Visual Editor, in not just making changes, but managing them too!

Undo, Redo, or Save

Improvise as you go along editing. Keep tweaking, keep coming back till you’re fully satisfied. Save, and continue the process till you’re ready to go-live.

Scale & manage changes

Build your own library of changes that you can use frequently across tests or deployments.

Apply changes to multiple pages

Define individual changes for each page that you are targeting to change. Or you can apply the same change to all target pages.

Preview and Debug

Check your variations across browsers, devices, and screen sizes. Share live previews for sign-off and organization-wide agreement. Be confident of the experience you are about to deliver to your audience before you go-live.

Version history

Don’t worry about changes that you are not satisfied with. Go back to any previous version to continue building upon.

Modify your pages without IT and test or deploy them.

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