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VWO Testing

Always Be Testing.
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Easily create and run tests to increase revenue, combat cart abandonment, and build stellar digital experiences that convert, without coding or involving IT.

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create a/b tests using VWO Testing

Build your experiences, exactly the way you want, without writing a single line of code.

For more than a decade, 1000s of growth leaders and CRO Experts have trusted VWO Editor to create and test experiences across millions of users, without ever involving a developer.

Easy to use visual editor

  • Easily change the headline, CTA, images, or any other element on your page
  • Modify existing pages or create multiple variations of the same page
  • Make styling changes such as background color, font styles, and borders as well
  • Drag, move, resize, and hide options let you make layout changes like bringing a form or an offer to top of the fold
  • Unlimited undoes to fix your mistakes
  • Get an entire library of widgets to test with

Want to make changes in the code? Use the code editor

  • Distraction-free “code only” mode that developers love
  • Make sophisticated changes directly in HTML/CSS/JS using our advanced code editor
  • Easily include external JS/CSS or define JS/CSS at the test level to build complex and sophisticated A/B tests

Short on developer bandwidth in-house?
Make use of VWO Services and let our developers code the most complex of tests for you.

Create an agile growth organization with the capacity to run dozens of tests at a time

As a hands-on user of VWO, I’ve personally experienced how quickly it allows prototyping and testing of new ideas, features and content. The ability to push changes, without having to involve multiple teams to relaunch areas of the site can’t be praised highly enough, and the ability to reverse those same changes instantaneously is equally as useful.
Rob Marfleet from Jagex Rob Marfleet

UX Specialist, Jagex

Increase your testing velocity, without worrying about how it impacts visitor experience

Target the right customer, run multiple experiments without overlaps, and attribute the impact across the funnel.

Segment & run tests based on your visitor’s behavior

Let’s say you have learned that when visitors spend more than a minute looking at the list of flights, they end up closing the page.

Your hypothesis is that they were not able to find a suitable flight, and hence, they just gave up. A solution you would want to test here is to bring their attention to the filtering options.

With VWO Testing, you can easily do this by running tests only for people who spend more than a minute on the page. The behavioral targeting options include:

  • Click on an element
  • Time spent on page
  • Page scroll %
  • Exit intent
  • Set up your own custom trigger

Keep your data clean even with multiple tests on same page

Want to run multiple tests on the same page but are afraid visitors will overlap across tests and the results will get skewed?

VWO Testing allows you to allocate visitors exclusively for each test, so there is no overlap, and your test results do not interfere with each other.

Track the impact of an A/B test across the entire funnel

Worried that the test you are running might be increasing button clicks but decreasing revenue down the line?

With VWO Testing, you can track multiple metrics for an A/B test to measure its impact across the entire funnel and make informed business decisions.

Reduce page load time with asynchronous code

The VWO asynchronous code loads in parallel to your webpage, thereby reducing the page load time during a test.

You can also create customized timeout parameters for the VWO code. If the VWO code fails to execute within a specified time, it stops and then loads the original content of the page.

Make impactful decisions with powerful reporting

Take accurate business decisions that are backed by SmartStats Bayesian Engine. Gather actionable insights by finding interesting segments and visualising what they do, across variations. All within VWO Testing reports.

Slice & dice test results to uncover hidden winners in a test

Even if your variation lost out to the control in the test, find out if specific segments of visitors did better in the variation than the average case.

You can segment your reports by choosing from VWO’s 20 predefined segments including:

  • New vs. returning visitors
  • Mobile, desktop, and tablet traffic
  • Paid search traffic
  • Browser
  • Query Parameter

You can create your own custom segments by using complex AND/OR and bracketing logic conditions. You can also use custom dimensions to compare the conversion of logged in visitors vs guests, visitors who saw a promotion vs those who didn’t.

Make smart decisions with SmartStats, VWO’s Bayesian-powered statistical engine

SmartStats gives you intelligent results to help you make smart business decisions from your tests without having to look up the definition of p-value or verifying statistical significance. We do all the statistical heavy lifting for you.

Unlike most of the competitors who just test for statistical significance, with SmartStats, VWO directly addresses your real question—what is the probability of a variation A beating variation B and by how much. This reduces your testing time by half, giving you time to run more tests and increase your conversions faster.

You get intelligent answers quickly so that you get more time to increase your conversions and more time to test new ideas.

Learn more about SmartStats

Understand how visitors interact with your variations using heatmaps and recordings

Testing a new mega menu on your website? Want to know how visitors who saw the new menu on the website are navigating the website vs. the ones who saw the previous one?

Ran a test with a new hero image on the homepage which you expected to increase clickthrough but it didn’t?

Understand exactly how visitors are interacting with your variations, and why they are behaving the way they are with the help of heatmaps and recordings for all the different variations you have created when you combine the power of VWO Testing with VWO Insights.

Learn more about VWO Insights

Collaborate better. Scale faster.

Enable your team to discover growth opportunities in your buyer's journey, build a pipeline of high-impact experimentation ideas, and map the entire journey with VWO Plan.

Add your insights with a click via the Chrome extension

Have everyone on your team install the Google Chrome extension. Then whenever an idea comes to mind - like when you’re watching videos or diving through Google Analytics - you can add it to the central repository with just a click. And, you can be sure no winning insight or observation goes undocumented again.

Checkout the VWO Chrome Plugin

Keep everyone in sync with a repository of learning from tests

Testing is iterative, and every test - whether it outperforms the control or not - is a learning experience.

But, how do your newest team members get access to learnings from past experiments? And, what happens when your senior CRO executives leave the team, taking their historical knowledge along?

Use VWO Program Management Capability to record all the key learnings and results from these tests. So all your teams can look at the past and build better testing hypotheses for the future.

Learn more about VWO Plan

Manage tests through the entire lifecycle with Kanban board

The Kanban board gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire hypotheses pipeline. This makes your entire experimentation program more accessible and transparent to anyone interested in it.

At a glance, you’ll be able to track:

  • A backlog of test opportunities
  • What’s next in the testing pipeline
  • Which tests you have completed

You can automate your workflow to have hypotheses move from testing to completed to archived as they move across these stages in VWO Testing. You can also customize the Kanban board as per your workflow.

Learn more about VWO Plan

Case Study

Warner Music Group Increases Its A/B Testing Velocity by 3X

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In my role at Warner Music Group, I aim to promote a culture of data-driven creative design. We design, build and maintain hundreds of artists’ websites. VWO helps me quickly and easily find conversion optimization wins that I can standardize across the whole enterprise. I don’t like to use the phrase “best practice” unless I can prove it, and my proof is in the data provided by VWO.

Brandon Gentry

Director, User Experience, WMG

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