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Planning Product Launches Like A Pro

15 mins

Whether you’re launching digital products or awesome features that your customers always wanted, the risk that the launch might fail is always high. While most product teams test and improve their products/features in multiple environments, they tend to lose the essence of what their customers truly want.

In this session, we’re discussing how product and IT teams can improve their product cycle and launch amazing products with regular customer feedback.

How To Get Better At Defining Your Customers

23 mins

As Marketers, we all use some basic profiling to know our customers. However, most of us don’t invest in defining which customer profiles are right for us and how to use these to our advantage.

In this session, we’re discussing how top businesses profile their customers and what you can learn from them.

How To Reach Your Customers Effectively

22 mins

In this session, we’ll discuss new channels that are different from email and how you can use these to build an engaging and highly contextual connection with your customers.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): Your Instrument of Growth

23 mins

Net promoter score is a widely accepted metric to predict how likely your customers will recommend your brand to others.

How To Improve Collaboration During Website Revamp

20 mins

In this session, we’ll share the secret behind how VWO did this exercise in a collaborative way and our learnings from this experience.

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