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VWO vs. Optimizely

Looking for a Comprehensive A/B Testing Solution?

Optimizely lets you manage and run A/B tests and personalize your website for visitors. VWO provides a data-driven testing solution that connects every step in the visitor journey to impact your conversion rates.

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VWO Platform

Experience Optimization & Growth Platform

Optimizely allows you to manage your A/B testing program and offers robust personalization options. With VWO, you can bring your entire experience optimization program on a single platform—track business goals, analyze visitor behavior, build data-driven hypotheses, run tests, and personalize content. By connecting visitor insights with tests, you can develop a continuously scalable testing program that optimizes every step in the visitor conversion funnel.

Optimizely vs. VWO - A/B Testing Feature Comparison


of companies that follow a structured approach to conversion optimization

see an improvement in their conversion rates as opposed to only 64% of companies that don’t follow a structured approach.

Source: Econsultancy Conversion Rate Optimizaiton, 2017

Page Load Time - Comparing Optimizely & VWO

Page Load Time

We never slow you down

VWO uses asynchronous code to serve your campaign data, compared to synchronous code used by Optimizely.

Simply put, asynchronous means that the code will contact VWO servers in the background, download, and process the test package while the rest of your page continues to load and render in the browser as usual. It’s what keeps your visitors’ screens from flickering.

Optimizely’s synchronous code makes the browser wait until Optimizely can deliver the test package, long enough for visitors to notice.

And in the improbable case of our servers being unavailable, the original page gets loaded, ensuring that your visitors' experiences remain unaffected.

Note: Optimizely offers asynchronous code however, they recommend synchronous code.

SmartStats Engine

Configured to deliver data-driven results

SmartStats is engineered to compute accurate results for all your goals. It is configured to help you take the right business decisions without worrying too much about the statistics. We got you covered there while you focus on more important business goals.

It gives easy to digest metrics along with recommendations so that you can stop looking up the definition of p-value or verify statistical significance but only focus on what your next steps should be.

You don’t have to worry about making wrong decisions based on less data. Your results are valid whenever you look at them.

Multiple Products

The right match for your business

Whatever your business needs are, VWO can deliver.

Compare Optimizely and VWO Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing model to accommodate your unique needs

If your team wants to run tests on multiple domains from a single account, that’s not a problem. VWO has a flexible pricing plan that allows you to pay by the average number of unique monthly visitors on your website, no matter how many domains you run tests on within that visitor quota.

Hands-On Support

We help you at each step of the way

Onboarding Icon

Guided onboarding

Spend more time producing results than looking for answers, with in-app guided onboarding and up-to-date knowledge base of all the information you would ever need.

24*7 support icon

24x7 email, phone, and chat

Better still, our dedicated Customer Success Managers will help you set up your Enterprise account and get testing immediately.

Website Optimization Icon

Hands-on support

However, if you do need to contact VWO, you can count on our hands-on support across multiple channels, whenever you want.


Trusted by 2500+ brands across 90+ Countries

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Colart chose VWO over Optimizely

While evaluating between VWO, Optimizely and other A/B testing tools, Colart, one of the leading art brands in the world, found VWO was the right web testing and conversion optimization solution for their business.

Read this case study to find out why they chose VWO.

It was important to select an all-features-in-one tool that allowed testing on multiple domains from a single platform."

Patxi Gadanon VWO Customer
Patxi Gadanon
Senior Web Manager, Colart

Feature Comparison

See how Optimizely compares with VWO

VWO Logo optimizely Logo
Visual Editor Tick Icon Tick Icon
Code Editor Tick Icon Tick Icon
A/B Testing Tick Icon Tick Icon
Multivariate Testing Tick Icon Tick Icon
Split Testing Tick Icon Tick Icon
Testing Quota Usage Use as you like Restricted usage
Visitor Counting Logic Count once per month across all campaigns (In the CRO platform) Count once per month across all campaigns
Server-Side Testing Tick Icon Available only in Optimizely X
Multi-Page Tests Tick Icon Tick Icon
Heatmaps Tick Icon -
On-page Surveys Tick Icon -
Session Replays Tick Icon -
Form Analysis Tick Icon -
Testing Goals Tick Icon Tick Icon
Always-on Goals Tick Icon -
Define Funnels Tick Icon -
Log Observations Tick Icon -
Test Learnings Tick Icon Tick Icon
Personalization Tick Icon Tick Icon
Behavioral Targeting Tick Icon Tick Icon
Custom Targeting Tick Icon Tick Icon
Upload Segments - Tick Icon
Statistics Bayesian Sequential Statistical Method
Single Sign-On Tick Icon Tick Icon
Two-Factor Authentication - Tick Icon
Self-Hosting Tick Icon -
Support Available 24x7 (email, phone, chat, and in-app) Limited support (separate priority support add-on)

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