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IDEAL OF SWEDEN Increases Purchases Through a Series of Quick Tests on Banners

5.6% Clicks on CTA


Founded in 2013, IDEAL OF SWEDEN is a Swedish lifestyle brand for fashion and tech accessories. All products are created in the in-house design studio, inspired by the latest trends and developments in fashion, interior, and tech, to build innovative products with excellent design and quality at their core. Today, with over 180 employees, IDEAL OF SWEDEN functions on the principle that nothing is ever finished – everything can always be improved.

This mindset works in their favor not only for building products but also for their CRO activities – which they have been carrying out successfully using the VWO platform as well as VWO Services (the consultancy arm of VWO). 

We spoke to Christoffer Kjellberg, CRO Manager at IDEAL OF SWEDEN to understand more about his approach to CRO, recent experiments, and plans for the future. 

Why was VWO chosen over AB Tasty?

At the time when Christoffer joined the company, they used Google Optimize for their experimentation needs. However, they wanted to scale up and not be held back by any limitations that come with free tools like Google Optimize.

We found that as compared to Optimizely, VWO and A/B Tasty were more in line with our company’s CRO budget. We wanted a services team to assist us in the development of experiments, but also a robust platform that would allow us to do everything on our own – these were our two primary requirements.  While A/B Tasty also offered a services team, the standard of the VWO platform in terms of ease of experimentation exceeded that of the former. After a thorough evaluation of A/B Tasty and VWO, we felt that VWO better addressed the experimentation needs of IDEAL OF SWEDEN.

Christoffer Kjellberg

Christoffer Kjellberg

CRO Manager
Ideal of Sweden logo

Having used VWO now, Christoffer identifies the widget library and the reporting as the most helpful features. The fact that elements can be saved and reused from the library makes the testing process efficient. 

IDEAL OF SWEDEN operates in 27 markets. So when they build a test, they can roll that out to 27 markets, and then can look at the test data as a whole, while also drilling down on how each domain performed along with other useful segmentation possibilities. Christoffer believes that this can be easily managed with VWO, something that used to take a lot of time previously. “A lot of time is saved with this kind of accurate and quick reporting that VWO offers.”, he says.

VWO’s powerful Visual Editor makes it easy to edit and add webpage elements – no coding required. Try it out with a 30-day free trial.


The idea was to leverage Black Month to increase overall purchases from the eCommerce store. To achieve this, they created a VIP experience prior to black week for special customers entering the website with specific URL queries. A hidden campaign was triggered for these customers where the motivation was for the users to grab items before the sale opened up for everyone during Black Week. Once the Black Week sale started, the goal was to convince visitors to buy before the sale ended with discounts being the main motivation.

Tests run

Countdown banner

The team hypothesized that showing the countdown banner, sticky across the website, will create an urgency in the visitors’ minds to purchase items before the sale ends, hence leading to more conversions in the sale period. This also helped in informing more visitors about the sale. 

The sticky countdown banner was placed on the header for the last 3 days of each phase of the black month campaigns, which were Singles Day, Hidden VIP Black Week Access, Black Week, Cyber Monday. 

This is what the control and variation looked like:

Ideal Of Sweden control and variation

The primary metric being tracked in this test was ‘Clicks on Add-to-cart’ and the variation was declared a winner with 5.6% uplifts on this primary metric. 

Once the test showed positive results, it was very easy for the team to deploy the banner functionality on their website with VWO Web Rollouts.

“For a company like ours, it is very important to analyze the potential revenue increase in order to have a data-driven budget foundation to build similar functionality on our CMS – because now we have proof that it works. The more we test, the more qualitative winners we will receive, the more our budget will increase for us to improve our website experience.”, says Christoffer.

Test learnings and roadmap

The test was run on all pages except the checkout page and some pages performed better than others. Based on the outcome of this test, the team learned that in the future they could also check for pages that didn’t perform as well and brainstorm what could be changed in the messaging there to try and personalize the experience. They could also think about personalizing the experience for visitors coming from Facebook and Instagram – as the eCommerce store gets a lot of traffic from these social media sites. 

So this experiment is a starting point for the team at IDEAL OF SWEDEN and their aim is to build on this functionality and reuse it to create the necessary hype around future events.

Social media and shipping banner

The team hypothesized that showing the brand’s IG followers and messaging around climate compensated shipping will act as social proof and create trust in the visitors’ minds, hence pushing them forward in the conversion funnel. This test was carried out to eliminate any hesitation on the part of visitors to complete their purchases. The primary goal tracked in this test was also the number of clicks on the ‘Add-to-cart’ button. 

This is what the control and variations looked like:

Ideal Of Sweden control and variation

VWO’s reporting allows the slice and dice of results. While variation 2 was the clear winner, data revealed that for the climate compensated region, the uplift achieved was higher. There was an improvement of 1.44% in conversions for all visitors that participated in the test and a 1.6% improvement in conversions for specifically the climate compensated countries (the shipping message was targeted at visitors from these countries as this is one of the main motivations of the target persona group). On the product detail pages, the conversion for this group was even higher at 1.97%.

Ideal of Sweden conversion rates


Working in tandem with VWO services, the team at IDEAL OF SWEDEN is building a steady testing velocity where they discuss and put new ideas into the roadmap on a biweekly basis.

We’re satisfied and glad we picked VWO. We’re getting the ROI from our experiments and have a great working relationship with the VWO Services team who push us to test more and more in the best possible way.

Christoffer Kjellberg

Christoffer Kjellberg

CRO Manager
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Experiment goals

Increase purchases by creating urgency and increasing trust


5.6% increase in Clicks on CTA

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