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Embrace end to end experience optimization. The VWO Experience Optimization Platform is the only connected platform that enables you to optimize the entire audience journey.

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VWO Experience Optimization and Growth Platform

Get more ROI for your growth efforts by leveraging the power of a connected platform

Easily discover insights, build experimentation roadmap, test ideas, and engage visitors, all within a single platform. Increase the effectiveness of your teams by having them collaborate in a single place, instead of getting lost in multiple systems.

VWO platform customer testimonial Peep Laja
Founder, ConversionXL
The one thing I love about VWO - which we couldn’t find in any of the competitors out there - is the fact how each and every product within the VWO Platform talks to each other. The flow of learnings from one capability, one campaign to the other is just invaluable. Would recommend this to anyone serious about conversion optimization & growth.
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Practicing CRO as a structured process for hundred of brands around the world from last 8 years

Here are some ways you can combine our products to build experiences that your customers love

Experiment better, by knowing where visitors get stuck

Uncover blockages in your customer journey using VWO Insights. Gather and organize these insights in VWO Plan. Collaborate with your team to convert them into data-backed hypotheses and prioritize. Execute your optimization roadmap through VWO Testing - the easiest way to run experiments, without involving IT.

Repeat the conversion optimization process to learn fast and grow even faster.

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Success Story

How Ubisoft optimized their visitor experience using the VWO Connected Platform to increase sales by 12%

Ubisoft Entertainment is a French video game publisher, headquartered in Paris known for publishing acclaimed video game franchises, including Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Far Cry, For Honor, and more. The company has a presence in 6 continents and employs over 13,000 people.

Their core objective was to improve check out for their game, For Honor, on the Buy Now page

Used VWO Insights to understand why visitors dropped off

The Ubisoft team collected visitor behavior data using heatmaps, scrollmaps, clickmaps & surveys across different platforms such as desktop, mobile, tablets, etc.

analyze your website heatmaps in VWO Insights

Used VWO Plan to record all observations, build hypotheses & prioritize.

All observations were recorded in the centralized insights repository by members of Jenny’s team. They then used the kanban board to prioritize the hypotheses based on these observations and shortlisted the ones to test. VWO Services team also collaborated here. After collating the data, VWO Services team suggested a complete design overhaul for Honor’s Buy Now page.

use VWO plan to record all observations & hypotheses

Used VWO Testing to run experiments based on the hypothesis

The top hypothesis was to reduce the up and down scroll and simplify the entire buying process. To support that goal, the design and the layout of the page was changed. The test was run during the holiday season (October–December 2017), due to the higher influx of traffic. During this phase, the traffic was 60% higher than the usual.

use VWO Testing to run experiments based on hypothesis

Used VWO Engage to bring back visitors that dropped from the Buy Now page

The Ubisoft team experimented with engaging their dropped visitors via web push notifications to bring them back in the funnel. With over 300,000 subscribers and average click rate of 17%, Ubisoft was able to drive great experience for their users by effectively communicating their value proposition.

use VWO Engage to bring back lost visitors

Used VWO Services to execute the optimization program

The Services team at VWO worked in tandem with Jenny’s team to achieve the desired objective. After collating the data, VWO Services team suggested a complete design overhaul for For Honor’s Buy Now page and constructed an A/B test based on the new design, using VWO.

use VWO services to execute the optimization program
The Result

Comparison of the test data between the old and the new layouts on the VWO Platform clearly demonstrated that the redesigned version increased the checkout rate by 12% (from 38% to 50% conversions).

Testing Uplift

We ran a series of A/B tests based on the data we gathered by using Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, and Surveys available on the VWO Platform. It helped us to identify key elements on our websites that needed a deeper look. Additionally, VWO Engage notifications show much higher website engagement than any other traffic source, so this has impacted our communication tactics.

Jenny Hughes VWO Customer
Jenny Hughes

Director, Web Production

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