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4 Leading Techniques to Design Personalized Apps

Given the level of competition in the iOS and Android app stores, creating a unique and personalized experience for each individual user is becoming a meaningful differentiator for app creators. Personalization when implemented well, can help businesses achieve better user engagement, increase retention, and allow app owners to build a more individual relationship with their […]

[eCommerce Customer Segmentation] Bracketed Segmentation: Peeling Away The Layers

An eCommerce marketing leader’s outlook toward analyzing visitor behavior is akin to a chef working with an abundance of onions (a cohort of customers – “women shoppers”), and each onion an amalgamation of infinite layers (individual unique traits – “from Minnesota” & “using an iPhone”) comprising them. Whether the chef ends up leading operations at […]

The Definitive Guide to eCommerce Surveys (20+ Real Templates)

Most marketers largely depend on website analytics, heat maps, click maps, form analysis, and visitor recordings to identify areas of friction and leakage within the conversion funnel. Admittedly, these tools are great to get valuable information and quantitative data to build hypotheses — however, they only tell part of the story. The best way to […]

15+ Free A/B Split Testing Resources

*Note: This post has been recently updated. A/B testing is not what it used to be in the past when businesses only focused on sustaining themselves in the market. This trend has changed in the last few years and the focus has shifted from merely sustaining to improving conversions through testing. Every business that has […]

Meet Rover: The Chatbot that Scaled CRO through Automation

As the scope of CRO projects increases, so does the difficulty of management and the tediousness of the manual efforts required. To overcome these pain points, digital marketing agency Oogst – a Merkle company collaborated with HEMA, a leading Dutch retail chain and created a chatbot by bringing together the power of the VWO REST API and Slack, to scale CRO efforts at HEMA.

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