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Thanks for helping VWO bootstrap its way into the survived-5-year club

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Great news! Visual Website Optimizer completed five years today, and oh, we crossed 4k active paying customers, too! We’ve made a special page to share our birthday party with you. Take a look:

I wanted to thank you for sharing this A/B testing industry with us. A big thanks for being a customer, a user, and a well-wisher. As a bootstrapped company commencing with the initial investment of a $20 server and a $10 domain name,

Average Order Value, Conversion Rate or Revenue Per Visitor – What Should You Track?

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What eCommerce Metric to Measure?

Have you met Richard, the eCommerce entrepreneur? This is the story of how Richard found the perfect eCommerce metric to track and measure his eCommerce performance.

Richard runs an online store selling two kinds of water bottles – a generic item worth $1 and a premium designer edition worth $100. As a data-driven marketer, Richard decided to look towards analytics.

Then it hit him.

The analytics universe is full of curiously named metrics.

Case: How Customer Journey Mapping Helps Strengthen Your Online Channel

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Customer Journey Meme

(This is a guest post authored by Ralph Wolbrink, co-founder at Pure Internet Marketing)

Online businesses have access to a tonne of customer data, thanks to the plethora of analytics tools available. (It is not just Google Analytics that does the trick)

Unfortunately, data reveals only the symptoms and tells nothing about the subjective experiences of a user. This is where mapping out the customer journey can be of immense help in understanding the customer better and providing value where they require it.

eCommerce Best Practices Yield a 250% Increase in Conversions

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Clear USP on Header

Let me tell you this right away. This case study will serve to reveal a number of little things that can make a world of difference to your website conversions and sales. And it will be tempting to A/B test these changes without a second thought.

Do not.

The lure of conversion rate optimization lies in the possibility of gaining disproportionately huge dividends. Sure, implementing best practices may get you gold.

3 Key Aspects of Engaging Consumers Online

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Expectations of Consumer - Graph Report

(This is a guest post authored by David Rosenfeld, Director at Infinite Conversions)

Before the internet came along, engaging consumers was hardly rocket science. You simply sent your best advertisements off to magazines and newspapers or – if you had the funds – to TV and radio stations. Once you had your clientele, all you needed to retain them was simply being nice to them. Service with a smile went a long way.

Drunk User Reviews VWO: Beer, Tequila and the World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool

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Featured Image for Blog

When was the last time you conducted a usability test (what?) and the reviewer began this way:

I have a lot of tequila in my hand, which is pretty cool.

A good two years ago, Will Dayble, UI and UX expert, told the world “Great UI isn’t there.” The user should feel no friction, and be able to use the website as if there is no boundary between them and the website.

Three Award Winning A/B Test Cases You Should Know About

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Omoda Combination 3 for Multivariate Test

(This is a guest post authored by Danny de Vries, Senior CRO Consultant with Traffic4U)

Every year, Conversion Optimizers around the world vie for the annual WhichTestWon Online Testing Awards, which are awarded by an independent organization situated in the USA. Anyone can enter the competition by submitting their A/B and multivariate test cases which are then reviewed and judged on multiple factors. The most interesting and inspiring cases are then eligible to win either a Gold,

Stock Photo or Real Image? A/B Testing Finds Out Which is Better

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Comparison Image

Stock Image or Real Image – what should you use? The debate has been raging for a while now. That’s unfortunate, because there is no one answer that will work for all businesses alike. Why speculate at all, when we can throw the contenders into an A/B test and sit back while statistics find us a winner? Think of it as WWE, except A/B tests are real, and they get you better business. Let’s get right to it then,

[Giveaway] Free Expert Evaluation for an E-Commerce Website: Powered By Concept Feedback

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In A/B testing, we often get stuck on what to test and how to prioritize hypotheses. This step of testing is one of the most critical and quite often, the toughest. Hypotheses are not easy to come up with; it requires a good amount of experience to identify what’s going wrong on the website and how to rectify it.

In its pursuit of making this step simpler, VWO had earlier developed IdeaFactory, a repository of categorized A/B testing ideas.