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Stock Image or Real Image: A/B Testing Provides an Incredible 161% Increase in Conversions

Posted in Case Studies on
Comparison Image

Stock Image or Real Image – what should you use? The debate has been raging for a while now. That’s unfortunate, because there is no one answer that will work for all businesses alike. Why speculate at all, when we can throw the contenders into an A/B test and sit back while statistics find us a winner? Think of it as WWE, except A/B tests are real, and they get you better business. Let’s get right to it then, shall we? Background 160 Driving Academy is an Illinois based firm that offers truck-driving classes and even guarantees a job upon graduation. Visitors to the site primarily use the contact form on the homepage, or the prominently displayed phone number, to contact the academy. Looking to improve the conversion rate on the truck-driving classes page,  the academy reached out to SpectrumInc, a lead-generation software and internet marketing company. The rest (as they…

[Giveaway] Free Expert Evaluation for an E-Commerce Website: Powered By Concept Feedback

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In A/B testing, we often get stuck on what to test and how to prioritize hypotheses. This step of testing is one of the most critical and quite often, the toughest. Hypotheses are not easy to come up with; it requires a good amount of experience to identify what’s going wrong on the website and how to rectify it. In its pursuit of making this step simpler, VWO had earlier developed IdeaFactory, a repository of categorized A/B testing ideas. Now, with the acquisition of Concept Feedback, VWO customers can also start availing expert reviews at $119 per review. What is an Expert Review? An expert review is a quick and efficient way to identify aspects of a website that are possibly distracting your visitors or adding friction to your conversion funnel. The design/usability/ strategy experts conducting the review of your website will point out the problems and provide recommendations based on their extensive experience…

Forget about containers: editing static content on dynamic pages just got way easier

Posted in Product Update on
Editing containers using edit HTML

Edit and Edit HTML are awesome ways to make changes to your website and create variations without breaking a sweat. The feature works great all the time. Well, almost. Unless dynamic content is staring you in the face. If you don’t know what dynamic content is, check out our Knowledge Base article here. But to give you a coffee table definition of it, on a web page, dynamic content is content that changes based on user interaction. For instance, it can be ‘total pricing’ that changes dynamically based on the amount of products in the cart; or even a drop down menu in your Sign-up form. Before, if there was dynamic content in the vicinity of static content (in HTML terms) in the same container, any changes to the static content would convert everything in that container, including the dynamic content, into static. The user ended up seeing the same content, completely ignoring dynamic…

32% Increase in Conversions by A/B Testing for The Right Reasons

Posted in Case Studies on
Control vs Variation

Good design is good business, as Thomas J Watson so succinctly put. Naturally then, the problem of business is discovering ‘good’ design. And the answer, on-going testing. Offline businesses struggle at this because data is infinitely difficult to gather. Luckily for online businesses, gathering data has never been a problem. Over the last few years, we’ve published case studies of over 150 successful conversion optimization tests. A lot of these case studies make for some intriguing reading, and if you observe closely enough, you’ll find a few tests and changes thereof that have consistently delivered results. Today, we’ll examine a case where a handful of such ‘best practices’ (scroll down to the bottom to see my thoughts on what ‘best practices’  is) came together to deliver amazing results. Validated, all through, by data. The Client ‘White Card Courses’ offers induction training for workers operating in the construction space across Australia….

A/B test proves that women find bearded men more attractive

Posted in Case Studies on

Yes, you heard that right. The age old debate has finally been put to rest. For many years now, researchers have presented us with conflicting studies about whether women find bearded men more attractive or the clean-shaven ones. For every research that claims the smooth clean-cut look is more desirable among women, there are two counter studies claiming face fuzz is the way to go. But now, a US-based eCommerce website has finally A/B tested their way to the truth. Read on.. The Company AdonisClothing is a US-based eCommerce store exclusively dealing in men’s fashion. However, what sets them apart from other e-shops is that they don’t sell directly to men. Their target audience is women who shop for their boyfriends and spouses. Their website encourages women to shop for a ‘complete makeover of the guy’ and that’s one of the reasons their average order value is on a higher side at $90. Also, according…

How a Dutch Major Achieved 7.8% Increase in Conversion by Removing a ‘Lifeline’

Summary A major Dutch healthcare professionals’ association decided to a/b test a seemingly minor change in its header image. Using VWO, it discovered that the change – removing a horizontal line in the image, could lead to a substantial 7.8% increase in conversion rate, with almost 100 percent probability for consistent results. The Client VVAA, an association of over 75,000 Dutch healthcare professionals, specializes in providing quality advice to its members on areas ranging from setting up and managing a practice, to portfolio management and mortgages. As a market leader in the healthcare industry and a pioneer in the area of medical liability insurance, VVAA attracts a very healthy traffic to its site. Visitors are greeted with a fairly big header image containing a list of benefits and a CTA button. Things were good. Then, the VVAA corporate communication had a design idea. A horizontal line representing a  “lifeline” was added right at…

Promo Code Box on your Shopping Cart Page could be Bleeding Dollars. A/B Test it.

Posted in Case Studies on

The Company Bionic Gloves is an online store that designs and sells a range of gloves, such as golf gloves, fitness gloves, and more. Their focus is to provide customers with gloves that have fine grip, comfort, and durability. To increase sales from their eCommerce shop, they decided to optimize their website. The task was given to Portland-based marketing & conversion optimization agency, Sq1. The Test Sq1 performed many tests on the Bionic Gloves website. In this case study I’ll be taking you through an interesting test that was performed on one of the most important pages of any eCommerce website, the shopping cart page. In fact, one study by Surepayroll estimated that each year eCommerce websites lose a whopping $18 billion because of shopping cart abandonment. To test their hypothesis that removing the ‘special offer’ and ‘gift card’ code boxes from the shopping cart page would result in more…

The Battle between Short and Long Pages Continues. Guess which Scored a Point.

Posted in Case Studies on

I think I should make a series of all the A/B tests that I have personally come across in which removing a certain element worked for one company, and adding that same element worked for another. (To understand what I mean by element, you should read this post.) After all, every business is different. And so are their target audiences. Few months back, I came across this wonderful test in which an SEO company went from a content rich page to one with only a form and headline texts, and improved their conversions. I was intrigued, and curious to know the science behind why such pages work, and why even giants like Facebook, LinkedIn and Quora have bare minimum homepages. I have added my findings about why they work, and what the challenges of such a page could be in the same post. Do give it a read. In fact,…

How your Color Choices can help you Increase Conversions (Part 2)

Posted in How To on VWO case study

This is Part 2 of a 2-part blog post written by David Rosenfeld and Milad Oskouie on how colors can help increase your website’s conversions and revenue. Check out Part 1 here. David Rosenfeld is a director at Infinite Conversions, a conversion rate optimization agency. David spent five years working as a lawyer in Australia and London and three years as an associate in the Mergers and Acquisitions department of a global Investment Bank focusing on technology startups. David’s experience has included significant work on campaign specific conversion optimisation. David holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Software Engineering from the University of Sydney and an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. Milad Oskouie is a former lawyer and current analyst at Infinite Conversions. Milad has a background in the law as well as in funds management and financial services. In Part 1, we talked…

A Marketer’s Great Dilemma — Should Thou Direct to What’s Free or to What’s Paid — A/B Tested

Posted in Case Studies on
Winning Variation

P.S.(the pre-script one): Few days back I did a case study where adding the word “free” increased the button CTR for a company by 99.42%. And when I was looking at this test where a company eliminated the step involving “free”, they actually got a spike in their conversions. No, I am not surprised. A/B testing does question our instincts or what seems right. And a word of caution before I proceed — something that worked for one company, might or might not work for you. The Company EzLandlordForms is a typical example of business formed out of, “Solve a pain point. Even better, solve your own pain point!”. Kevin, the founder, was a landlord back in 2005 when he thought of eliminating the trouble he was facing in creating the perfect lease. He launched the website EzLandlordForms, and since 2006, he along with his team has helped more than…