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Extend the Power of VWO by Integrating With Your Existing Tech

We understand the pain of unconnected platforms and also the resistance to a new piece of technology. We are here to help. Integrating VWO with a third-party tool allows you to push your VWO test data into the external tool. It also allows the data made available by these tools on the website to target campaigns. For e.g., use demographic data present in DMPs to show specific variations. This process allows you to closely monitor your tests to gain a deeper insight into your business and strengthen targeting.

vwo third party integrations

Seamless integration with all major technology platforms

VWO seamlessly integrates with your existing web analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics to help you integrate data.

We also provide plugins for content management systems such as Wordpress or ecommerce platforms like Shopify, which makes it very easy to install the VWO code and start optimizing your website.


Integrate your WordPress blog or website and A/B test using VWO.

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Improve your conversions by testing your Drupal website variations using VWO.

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Create unlimited VWO campaigns on your Joomla website without modifying a single line of code.

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Sync visitor data from Bigcommerce into your VWO account.

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Easily setup and track A/B testing campaigns for your Magento ecommerce website.

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Automatically capture visitor and revenue data from Shopify into your VWO account.

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Push and monitor your VWO campaign data using comScore Digital Analytix.

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Enable your e-businesses to collect and analyze accurate, visual data when conducting A/B or MVT testing.

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Google Analytics

Push and analyze VWO campaign data in Google Analytics (Classic and Universal)

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Google Tag Manager

Push your VWO campaign data to Google Universal Analytics and other analytics tools through GTM.

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VWO integration with Clicky allows you to view and analyze your website data for all your variations.

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Seamlessly integrate Tealium’s real-time marketing solution with VWO.

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Continue tracking your metrics using Kissmetrics for all your VWO campaigns.

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Track your VWO campaigns data in Mixpanel using this integration.

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Integrate your CallTrackingMetrics account to understand which VWO variations are driving calls and conversions.

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Dive deeper into your reports by adding more intelligence using custom dimensions

Every visitor to your website can have unique attributes that differentiate them from others. VWO automatically collects all standard attributes such as city/country of the visitor, the device used to access the website, and others.

However, there can be additional attributes you may want to track for your website visitors such as the color of their car, favorite sports, income group, or languages that are specific to your business needs.

With the help of custom dimension, you can easily segment your research and testing data by pushing custom data into VWO. For instance, A SaaS application may want to group visitor recordings or heatmaps by ‘plan type’ and find similarities in their usage pattern to strengthen their product offering or decide which features to work on next for accounts under different plans. The test report can be used to compare test performance with historical data by gender.

Build your own integration by using the VWO Rest API

VWO client API allows developers to customize VWO behavior for their specific needs. For example, you can use the API to automatically start/stop/pause tests, without the need to log into the VWO account every time. Besides, you can also integrate your VWO reports into your internal business dashboards.

VWO offers a comprehensive list of APIs which can be used to create custom dashboards and integrations.

Head to VWO API documentation

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We are always looking for more ways to help you build the best digital experience for your visitors. Is your integration not on the list? Don’t worry. You can get in touch, and we can build an integration that matters to you.

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