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Research & Design

Research and Discovery Tools for Experimentation

Duration: 55 minutes


Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan


Craig is an experienced UX champion specializing in usability testing, conversion optimization, and project management. He is a published author and technology advocate in UX techniques and web analytics and has a wealth of experience leading CRO projects for high-street retailers.

About The Session

You can utilize various forms of Generative Research to deepen your understanding of how people interact with your product or service.

Craig has amassed a vast toolkit of research methods, which he has employed to optimize websites and apps for over 500 companies. He’ll share which methods yielded the highest return on investment, identified key customer pain points, and generated the best experiment ideas.

By sharing the top inspection methods essential for our work, Craig will provide advice for each technique. Anticipate insights on driving experiment hypotheses from research, a list of essential toolkit components for tomorrow, and additional resources for further reading.


Key Takeaways

  • The top research techniques and how to use them to identify problems, opportunities and tests you can run.
  • A case study of using Session Replay and Customer Feedback to isolate problems.
  • How to use AI and Customer Feedback in your research.