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Research & Design

Generating Quality Hypotheses for Higher Uplifts

Duration: 50 minutes


Antonia Bogatu

Antonia Bogatu

Conversion Optimization Manager


In charge of improving conversion rate for Bitdefender online sales by creating research driven optimization strategies.

About The Session

Running an experiment without a hypothesis is similar to shooting in the dark. Hypotheses helps you prioritize your tests, stay focused, and keep everyone in the organization on the same page.
In this talk, Antonia shares how to test better stuff by having testing hypotheses with research that uncovers real customer problems. Learn a process that improves customer experience and gets double digits uplifts.
Antonia will share how Bitdefender applied the method to get 85.4% uplift when redesigning a key page.

What You Will Learn

  • How to run and extract insights from on-site exit polls and surveys
  • How to identify valuable insights when doing user testing
  • How to read behavioral heatmaps
  • How to aggregate learnings and generate hypotheses