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Research & Design

Decoding the X in UX

Duration: 45 minutes


Nadia Sko

Nadia Sko

Digital Product Design Lead


Nadia oversees user experience and design across both the eCommerce site and retail channel.

About The Session

Designers aspire to create experiences that people love. To do so requires more than just making products and services usable. In this session, Nadia will question some truths about what makes a great user experience in the fast-changing eCommerce and retail space.

She will discuss why speed and convenience are not always the right answer to a great experience. And share how Everlane, the direct-to-consumer retail brand, is designing a customer experience where technology stays in the background while the customer is in the foreground.

Read the summarization of this session and the core lessons on the designing of customer experience at Everlane.

Nadia Will Share

  • What experience means in eCommerce and retail space
  • How Everlane designs customer experience
  • How to leverage design for building customer trust