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Optimization in Marketing

Beyond the Primary KPI: Leveraging Bad Test Results

Duration: 50 minutes


Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan

Head of Growth


Christopher was working as Sr. Growth Strategy Manager in his previous role at BigCommerce. At Shipbob, he uses his experience to explore growth opportunities for the company.

About The Session

One of the main concerns of conversion optimization professionals and their clients is the defined KPI (key performance indicator) of the test. If you are exclusively keeping an eye on one data point, it can easily muddle your insight. This can add to frustrations and the team may lose confidence in the process. 

There’s value in a failed experiment.

This talk by Christopher Nolan of ShipBob will give you an understanding of segregating good and “bad” test results through deeper analysis. He will share practical examples from his years of experience of working previously with Conversion Sciences, BigCommerce, and now ShipBob.

Read the entire transcription of this interview as well as the lessons on leveraging bad a/b test results

Key Takeaways

  • Setting up a foundation for tracking test results using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • What to look for outside of conversions when testing
  • How to leverage those insights to communicate results internally