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8 Top Free Heatmap Tools For Your Industry [2022]

6 Min Read

Investing in a third-party tool for business activities like gathering data for efficient decision-making is always a daunting task. Investing in a heatmap tool is no different.

Months of research and to-and-fro go into it, and sometimes even this much effort on understanding the options available falls short of giving you full confidence to invest. That is why most third-party tools, whether they are for heatmapping, testing, data tracking, analysis, or transcription, offer free trials before asking you to make a payment and commit. On top of the free trials, the internet is full of information on various 100% free tools that you can use for multiple purposes.

To help you make the right decision and get started with heatmaps, we’ve curated a list of tools that are either free or offer a free trial. You can shortlist the tools that seem relevant for you and try them out before you zero in on the most promising one. 

[Read this extensive guide on Website Heatmaps]

VWO Insights

VWO Insights offers an all-inclusive free trial and further paid plans that give visitor behavior analytics (including Heatmaps), deeply integrated with experimentation capabilities (VWO Testing). With VWO Heatmaps, you can visualize how visitors navigate a particular webpage, including how far they scroll and where they click. You get to unlock insights on which elements of your webpage successfully capture visitors’ attention, which elements are distracting them, and what is getting completely ignored. 

In addition, VWO’s free AI-powered heatmap generator allows you to predict how visitors interact with your web page. It enables you to gauge bottlenecks based on user experience for you to take required optimization measures. 

You can also slice and dice the data gathered to create predefined or custom segments and analyze them to glean granular insights on visitors’ interactions. 

Microfocus, an FTSE 250 software group, used VWO Insights’ heatmaps, scroll maps, and session recordings, for qualitative analysis of their home page and product pages. They made the below observations that later, upon A/B testing, led to a 12.37% increase in form sign-ups from their website:

  • Not showing asterisk marks on mandatory fields on the sign-up form was probably a cause for low conversion rates.
  • The CTA for the Free Trial page was below the fold, probably leading to low conversion rates.
  • Their marketplace domain did not have product linkage to specific apps and hence was not sending traffic to Micro Focus product pages (revenue pages).

Still not sure if this is the right tool for you? Go ahead and evaluate VWO Heatmaps for free to see if it ticks off the boxes in your checklist using the free trial.

List of free heatmap tools

Free WiFi heatmap tools

WiFi Analyzer

With a 4.7 star rating, WiFi Analyzer is a free application that can be downloaded from your phone’s app store. Using this free wifi heatmap tool, you can generate a heatmap of your wifi’s signal strength and coverage by merely uploading the floor plan of your home. Its application is not limited to only indoors. When you are outdoors, all you need to do is use GPS and then upload the data on Google Earth for an integrated map of your wifi’s speed and coverage.

in-app screenshots for the app WiFi Analyzer
Image source: Wifi Analyzer

ManageEngine WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor

WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor is a free app by ManageEngine. It provides efficient monitoring of Wifi signal strength and helps identify slow or dead networks. It has an in-built scanner that detects all the available Wifi networks in the neighborhood. Analyzing the signal strengths is super easy as you merely have to load a floor plan, an automatic heatmap of the Wifi network gets created within minutes. There are filters available to de-clutter your heatmap for better visibility. The app also enables you to keep a check on channel interference from neighboring networks.

ManageEngine WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor
Image source: ManageEngine


With SolarWinds Wifi heatmaps, you can easily customize and make dynamic Wifi heatmaps that get updated at a regular interval of 5 minutes. These automatic Wifi heatmaps provide enhanced coverage visibility and improved monitoring of connected devices. The easy identification of dead signal zones allows you to troubleshoot, make adjustments, and optimize the Wifi experience for end-users. By polling the actual signal strength of access points and connected clients, SolarWinds heatmaps provide much faster and more accurate wireless coverage. To get you started, they offer a 30-day free trial.

Npm Wifi Heatmap
Image source: SolarWinds

Free geographic heatmap tools


Strava Global Heatmap is a brilliantly crafted geographical heatmap that has piqued a lot of interest of late.

Image source: Strava

It isn’t just how beautiful the generated heatmap looks that struck a chord. It is the effort that went into building it and the scale at which it shows data with only a few clicks, as can be seen in the picture above. The current version of Strava Global heatmap is powered by 2 years of data collection from athletes around the world, 700 million activities, 5 terabytes of raw input data, a total distance of 10 billion miles, a total recorded activity duration of 100 thousand years, 1.4 trillion latitude/longitude points, and 7.7 trillion pixels rasterized. It is one of a kind example of how geographic heatmaps can simplify the life of users.

In case you want to visualize your own activity, powered by the location history data enabled on your device, then you can also use Google Maps to generate such a heatmap.


Maptive’s heatmapping tool offers a 10-day free trial before asking for your full commitment to the tool. 

One of the best features of this tool is that it allows you to layer multiple geographic heatmaps so you can visualize more than just one data matrix on a single heatmap.

Maptive’s heatmapping tool
Image source: Maptive


Stocktwits is a free heatmap tool that plots a heatmap of the trends in 8 sectors: basic materials, consumer goods, utilities, industrial goods, technology, financials, health care, and services. This is what the heatmap generated looks like this:

GIF of the working of Stockwits free heatmap tool
Image source: Stocktwits

This tool is especially useful for stock marketers whose day-to-day work involves mapping trends in these sectors. 

A quick look at this generated heatmap dashboard would answer many of their questions. 

Free website heatmap tools


Clickheat by Dugwood is an OpenSource heatmapping tool that plots a click map and represents hot and cold click areas of a webpage based on how users interact with homepages, landing pages, product pages, etc. The only thing you require is to clone the code (available on GitHub) or download it from the ZIP archive. It is 100% free for unlimited use.

screenshot of the heatmap generated for a website by Clickheat
Image source: Dugwood

If you are looking for an effective and robust heatmapping tool, the above list should come in handy to help you narrow down “the one” that matches your needs.

Visualize Visitor Behavior

FAQs on heatmap tools

What goes into selecting a free heatmap tool?

In order to select the right heatmap tool, free or paid, it is important to do research, find out the various options in the market, figure out your requirements, and then test out the chosen few heatmap tools within your business use case.

What are some good free/paid heatmap tools?

There are several good heatmaps tools in the market that offer both free and paid plans. For example, VWO Insights is a great tool that offers a free trial. We have shared a comprehensive list of tools in this post.

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