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Optimization in Marketing

The Crawl-Walk-Run of Optimization

Duration: 70 minutes


Sigi Bessesen

Sigi Bessesen

Head of Optimization


Sigi carries the responsibility of building an optimization team at HSBC. He has been able to double the team size in the last few years as he aims to transform HSBC to an optimization organization.

About The Session

Companies of the scale of HSBC work differently. They have stringent processes and timelines. User experience is their primary competitive advantage. Making even a minor change on the web page requires significant deliberation.

In this talk, Sigi will take you through setting up an optimization function and enabling a team to operate. Making use of his experience (ex-Google and ex-Adobe) and his present role leading Optimization at HSBC, Sigi will share what has worked for him.

What Sigi Will Share

  • How optimization team is structured at HSBC
  • Building blocks of an optimization program
  • What Sigi learned from his experience in leading optimization teams across the globe