How To Scale Your Optimization Program With Automation

16 March 2020 | Eastern time
Duration - 45 minutes
Gino Renardus

Gino Renardus

Tech and Optimization Consultant, Merkle

Thom van Engelenburg

Thom van Engelenburg

Conversion Optimization Consultant, Merkle

Rahul Jain

Rahul Jain

Associate Director - Product, VWO

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Are you someone who finds his team running from pole to post to communicate their optimization wins? Is gathering feedback on your testing ideas still a hassle? If you answer these questions with a yes, then I exactly feel pain you go through, every single day. However, you’ll agree that this needs to stop, right? At least a part of it. 

So, to help you strike a balance, we’re hosting Gino Renardus (Marketing Consultant, Merkle) and Thom to discuss how they used VWO APIs to set-up automated workflows to stay on top of their optimization journey.

P.S: Gino & Thom are also bringing along ROVER to the webinar, a virtual optimization assistant that they built using VWO APIs.

In this session, we’ll cover ways :

  • To get better at notifying and setting VWO alerts for different stakeholders
  • To apply automated Quality Checks on your tests before their launch
  • To drive productivity with inter-team collaboration throughout your optimization journey
  • To monitor the performance of your experiments and to take action on the go!
  • To get more done throughout your optimization journey with VWO APIs