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Reassured improves form completion rate by testing a multistep quotation form

31.23% Form submissions

About Reassured

An award-winning life insurance broker in the UK, Reassured specializes in arranging suitable life insurance and funeral cover for families across the country. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and have helped protect more than 1,000,000 families. That’s not all – their broker service is completely fee-free! They compare quotes from a range of leading insurers to help their clients find the right cover and make a fully-informed decision without incurring any costs.

The CRO team at Reassured uses VWO for all experimentation needs.

My overall experience with VWO has been positive, especially with the fast response to questions and support requests.

Fred Ishola

Fred Ishola

CRO Manager
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We discussed a recently conducted successful experiment with Fred to get insights into the organization’s optimization framework.

The goal

The team ran a series of experiments with a singular goal in mind – to optimize their ‘compare life insurance quotation’ form by improving user experience. They wanted to get more visitors to progress through the user journey and increase the percentage of people submitting the insurance quotation form. In order to achieve this, the team wanted to improve the experience for those landing on the form.


Based on previous experience, the team observed that a multi-step form worked better for visitors as opposed to a long form with most fields listed on the same page. They decided to test if a multi-step form would improve the user journey for their target audience.

Tests run

Previously, Reassured’s life insurance quotation forms required the visitors to complete a long form which could look overwhelming to potential customers before they could request a quote. In the multi-step form that the team tested, the form was divided into stages with one response requested in a single step. A progress bar was added to the top of the form to indicate to users how close they were to completing the process.

This is what the control and variation looked like:

Reassured Control and Variation

The goal tracked was the number of visits to the ‘Thank you’ page as that indicated successful form completion. The test was concluded in close to five weeks. 

In comparison to the control, the variation with the multi-step form showed an improvement of 31.23% in form completion as tracked by visits to the ‘Thank you’ page. 

Fred and his team were able to slice and dice the test results using VWO to understand that the conversion of desktop visitors was higher in this particular test – the fact that they no longer needed to scroll down a long page helped more of them submit it successfully. 

VWO’s advanced reporting capabilities help you analyze your campaign performance in a way that helps you uncover hidden winners. Find out if a specific segment of your visitors converted drastically different than the average case for a specific goal or variation. Take an all-inclusive free trial to explore this in detail.


Based on the test results, the team carried out further research with VWO’s Form Analytics and Session Recordings to identify form questions that had a high dropoff rate. This led to a hypothesis to test alternative ways of helping visitors to the form understand why those questions were being asked and also make it easier to understand the options available. These ideas were then A/B tested. This in turn improved the conversion rate of not only this quotation page but also other brand pages. 

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United Kingdom



Experiment goals

Optimize their ‘compare life insurance quotation’ form by improving user experience


31.23% increase in Form submissions

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