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Continuous Testing Improves Demo Requests For POSist By 52%

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POSist is a leading SaaS-based restaurant management platform with more than 5,000 customers at over 100 locations across 6 countries. We spoke with Ashish Tulsian, Cofounder and CEO of POSist, to understand how VWO solved their pain points.

The marketing team at POSist extensively used VWO for a period of over 12 weeks to run several tests on POSist’s website. This case study highlights the process they followed and the impact these tests generated for POSist.

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Every A/B testing process aims to bring a significant raise in the conversion rates, and for a SaaS website like POSist which targets niche restaurant industry, this was a 4 month long journey. After months of rigorous testing in between multiple variations of our website with VWO’s Split URL testing campaigns, we were able to register a 50% growth in our organic leads.

Ashish Tulsian

Ashish Tulsian

Cofounder and CEO
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