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nameOn Removed CTAs To Increase Revenue Using VWO

11.4% Revenue

About nameOn

This success story draws on the original success story written by Steven Macdonald, an advisor at KingsPoint, an agency based in Norway that helps brands like nameOn to increase the conversion rates of their websites.

nameOn is a major supplier of embroidered personalized gifts in Scandinavia. The company used the VWO platform for conducting a series of A/B tests.


The objective of this test was to increase visits to the checkout page through the cart page by reducing cart abandonment.

Tests run

nameOn wanted to improve conversions from its website. Using Google Analytics, the team identified high-value pages based on performance over the past 12 months. Loosely based on the PIE framework from Wider Funnel, this analysis provided valuable insights about which pages should be A/B tested and in what sequence (that is, which pages should be tested first).

Accordingly, the team set a target of increasing visits from the cart to the checkout page by 10%.

This is what the original page looked like:

A review of the original checkout page revealed that there were 9 call-to-actions (CTAs) on it, including Sign up for newsletter, Like us on Facebook, and Go to home page.

The hypothesis was that the large number of CTAs on the cart page distracted potential customers, so making the main CTA button stand out would increase the click-throughs to the Continue to checkout button. As a result, more visitors would complete their orders instead of leaving the page.

The team created a variation that had no CTAs except for Welcome bonus and Continue to checkout. The color of the button was changed from yellow to blue, to make it clearly stand out from the rest of the page. This is what the variation looked like:

Choosing the CTA color was taken from the Conversion Optimization: 6 Power Tips of the Trade presentation by Angie Schottmuller, which includes the fantastic clockwork conversion wheel:

The test was run for about 6 weeks.


The hypothesis was proved right as more people visited the checkout page during the test period. The overall e-commerce conversion rate and average order value both increased. The overall performance saw an 11.40% increase with 99% statistical significance.

From a sales perspective, nameOn considered March to July as “low season” and August to December as “peak season.” Based on Google Analytics data from 30 days prior to the test, the team estimated that a 10% increase in visits to the checkout page would boost monthly sales by more than $8,500, adding up to incremental sales of about $100,000 per year.

Realizing that using VWO to conduct new tests was a quick process, nameOn followed up the above tests with new A/B tests on its product and category pages.

165 Nameon






11.4% increase in Revenue

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