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Serpent Forge Enhances Add-to-Cart Clicks Through Product Page Testing

82% add-to-cart clicks

About Serpent Forge

Serpent Forge stands as an independent men’s jewelry brand renowned for its commitment to excellence. It specializes in crafting exquisite gold and silver jewelry of the finest quality. 

The company is determined to extend its commitment to excellence to the online realm. Therefore, they have chosen to collaborate with VWO to enhance the shopping experience on their website.

Why VWO 

VWO is an outstanding tool for e-commerce that has truly revolutionized the way I approach experiments. This excellent tool has proven to be an invaluable asset in my work, allowing me to create experiments seamlessly and efficiently.

Andrew Burman

Andrew Burman

Digital Marketing Manager


Serpent Forge sought to enhance the user experience by addressing any points of confusion in the user journey and increase add-to-cart clicks. 


On the product page, the website featured the PayPal installment option badge above the add-to-cart button. However, some customers inquired about alternative payment options besides PayPal, which were available later in the checkout process. This setup seemed to cause confusion.


The team at Serpent Forge hypothesized that if users were getting confused about payment options on the product page, then showing all available payment methods such as Apple and Google Pay, Mastercard, and Visa near the add-to-cart button would provide clarity.

Tests run

The hypothesis prompted the team at Serpent Forge to conduct an A/B test using VWO Testing on the product page. In the control version, the PayPal badge was placed directly above the add-to-cart button, whereas the variation showcased multiple payment options badges in the same position.

Serpent Case Study (1)

The test, which involved over 2600 visitors, concluded with the variation emerging as the clear winner. The variation resulted in an 82% increase in add-to-cart clicks, a 32% improvement in checkout page click rate, and a 2% increase in page engagement.


With the assistance of VWO, the Serpent Forge team successfully achieved their objective of boosting add-to-cart clicks and mitigating points of ambiguity on their website. 

If Serpent Forge’s success has caught your attention and you’re curious about what VWO can do to uplift your conversations, sign up for a 30-day free trial and explore VWO’s extensive experimentation features. See firsthand how you can effortlessly conduct tests that align with and drive your business objectives. 




Sydney, Australia



Experiment goals

Improve the number of clicks on the add-to-cart button


82% increase in add-to-cart clicks

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