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Kutts Improved Its Overall Conversion Rate Using VWO Testing

6% Conversion

About Kutts

Established in 2010, Kutts have stuck to their guns in their mission of providing the best grooming products for men to both professionals and individuals across Sweden. Particularly in the pandemic era, when grooming and self-care became something of a personal necessity for all, Kutts made sure that they were able to provide utmost value for all the users. Keeping that in mind, Kutts reached out to VWO to improve their website’s customer experience.


Philip Lindqvist, the main architect behind Kutts.se was looking for an A/B testing platform that could help them increase their sales by doing experiments and finding loopholes across their website. The core business objective for him was to improve conversions for their eCommerce business from different online mediums.


The challenges that Philip saw for the brand were three-fold:

  • Advanced testing with minimal effort: Kutts was in dire need of a platform that would let them run advanced tests without the usual impediments like dev support and extensive coding. 
  • Hands-on help: Philip wanted not just a platform but was also on the lookout for a team that could handhold the Kutts team in ideation and implementation. 
  • Need for a connected platform: Philip was also sure of the fact that Kutts would benefit if the complete experimentation cycle took place in a single platform rather than follow a silo approach. He also wanted to track everything across a single platform.

Tests run

Based on the three-fold challenges that the brand faced, Philip enlisted multiple platforms and finally narrowed down to VWO due to its combined conversion optimization capabilities and ease of use. 

With VWO Services he was also able to get an expert team that could work as an extension of the Kutts team when it came to implementing and tracking test results/ business goals/ user analysis for the organization. VWO Services also simplified the result interpretation for the Kutts team by using Google Analytics (GA) data for the campaign results.

While the overall VWO setup helped the Swedish brand reap the benefits of conversion optimization and build upon their own experimentation architecture, there were few standout tests that the Kutts team felt like highlighting.

The Tests

Test 1 – Changes in the top categories of the listing pages | All Devices



  1. Across all the listing pages on kutts.se, there was a high drop-off and not many users were clicking on the main categories in general. 
  2. Even after scrolling through the main categories, the response to the product images was lukewarm, attracting no or very limited attention from the visitors.



Based on the observations and analysis, the VWO Services team added a new call-out with pricing information to motivate website visitors to click on the categories. Along with this, the team made an informed choice of rejigging the image style and type across the categories.

Kutts 6% Uplift in CTR via VWO


Based on the website data, the variation created was able to not only improve the eCommerce conversion rate by nearly 6% and revenue by 9%, but was successful in moving in the needle with the quantum of transactions (9%) and average order size (0.5%) carted by visitors.

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Test 2 – Links in the Checkout Page | All Devices

Observation :

The team observed that there were a lot of nudging opportunities across the checkout page to sell more products. This was deduced from the insights that the team received by analyzing visitor behavior – many visitors clicked on the cart icon and the cart being empty. These visits were a barrage of latent opportunities to tap into as far as the core business goals (eCommerce conversion) for Kutts was concerned. 


Based on the observations, it was concluded that the checkout pages should have links to various product categories for quick reference of the visitors. Not only was it thought to be a nudging mechanism but it was hypothesized that it would also add to an improved user journey for the visitors.

Kutts 10.45% Uplift in CTR via VWO

The website visitors were not only able to navigate through the CTA-based checkout page but also converted better than the earlier non-CTA-based checkout page. An upliftment of 10.45% in the number of people clicking on the checkout CTA was observed.


In around 9 months (which is still a formative period in conversion optimization parlance), VWO not only showcased the value of a connected platform and a guided experimentation program but was also able to proverbially, put their money where their mouth was.  A 6% improvement in conversion rate, in a time frame so stringent, is a testament to the power of A/B testing and user experience. Start your free trial today to experience this for your brand too!



Malmo, Sweden



Experiment goals

Increase CTR on the checkout CTA


6% increase in Conversion

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