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Testing One Change Helped Increase Conversions By 52%

9 Allinclusive No



Company Size



Hedmark, Norway

Capabilities Used

A/B Testing

VWO and

[This is a success story from Sverre Bech-Sjøthun.] is a holiday portal specializing in all inclusive travels. The company, founded and run by Mr. and Mrs. Carlstrøm, generated a revenue of 12 million NOK in 2011.


As we were approaching one of their top seasons, my biggest challenge was that I had to identify opportunities that didn’t require programming or lots of redesign work, simply to keep both cost and time spent to a minimum.


Throughout my analysis, I did identify several great opportunities in terms of usability and process optimization, but the response was (to quote MC Hammer) – You can’t touch dis’ (and I bet that this instant you got the song in your head – sorry!).

This is how the original page, or the control, appeared: Control - VWO case study

By replacing the rotating campaign banner on the front page with a very deliberately crafted copy, I was able to increase their conversion rate from 0.50% to 0.68% – an increase of 52.3%.

Here’s the variation below: Variation - VWO case study

These tests were performed using VWO.

The comparative results of the two versions are shown below: Graph - VWO case study


This test is a testament to the power of a well-crafted copy, and even with a very long sales funnel, the front page influences the visitor throughout the entire funnel.

Indeed, this influence becomes more and more pronounced the further the visitor moves:

Front page                   Improvement

Search result                   +0.48%
Hotel page                       +11.08%
Upsell                               +8.86%
Booking/Payment          +18.87%
Order confirmation        +52.93%

Using the VWO/GA integration with eCommerce even revealed that while the conversion rate increased by over 50%, the revenue actually doubled.

How is this even possible?

Let’s start with the simple fact that your online revenue is determined by the following simple equation:

Visitors X Conversion rate X Average sales price

(Even if you don’t sell products or services on your website, this holds true – your revenue from your website, like lead gen and others are still defined by these 3 factors.)

  • Visits are determined primarily by marketing, advertising, PR, and customer loyalty.
  • Conversion Rate and Average Sale are determined mainly by:
    • Motivation to perform the desired behavior (Persuation)
    • Ability to perform the desired behavior (UX)
    • Trigger to perform the desired behavior (Call to Action, like “add to cart”, “Contact”)

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