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Spectrum Inc Used VWO To Increase Conversions For Harrington Movers by 46%

109 Harrington Movers



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New Jersey, US

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A/B Testing

About Harrington Movers and VWO

Established in 1996, Harrington Movers has been one of the top movers in the New Jersey moving and storage industry since 1996. Their services include local, nationwide, and international moving, providing their customers with a staff of highly-trained relocation experts.

To achieve 100% customer satisfaction, Harrington Movers offer customizable solutions that are executed by professionals who can accommodate specifications and personal preferences of each customer. The company is headquartered in Maplewood, New Jersey, and later opened its first office in New York City.

Spectrum Inc were their conversion consultants.


Increase conversions by using appropriate images, thereby improving overall branding.


Spectrum Inc, Harrington Movers’ conversion consultant, suspected that the “happy couple” image on their home page doesn’t relate much to the service. Their interstate moving service pages used a generic stock image of a couple, as seen in the Control page below:

Control Harrington Motors VWO case study

So, Spectrum Inc hypothesized that replacing this stock photo with an image that closely relates to the moving service will increase Request a quote leads from the website. They used VWO to do a quick a/b test to check the relevance of images.

Two alternate versions with different images were pitted against the Control page above. The first version showed the image of Harrington Movers’ crew. The second version displayed the image of the truck they use for moving services. To emphasize branding, both these images also included the company’s logo.

Here are the two versions:

Variation Harrington Motors VWO case study


Both the versions beat the Control with 98% statistical confidence level. The test has been running for three months now. It’s a close call between the two versions.

While version 1 with crew image showed a percentage improvement of 45.45%, the second version with truck image was close behind with 45.05% improvement over the original.

Here’s the comparison image:

Comparison Harrington Motor VWO case study

Key Takeaways:

  • Stop using stock photos. They look fake and reduce trust on your website.
  • Use images that best represent your product/service.
  • Have a good reason to use an image. “It looks pretty” doesn’t count.
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Assuming a constant value per lead, this test has added about $10,000 / month in interstate moves so far.

Brian Mckenzie

Brian Mckenzie

Senior PPC Manager (On behalf of Harrington Movers)
221 Spectrum Inc

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