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Firefox Push Notifications

Send notifications directly from your website to your subscribers’ Firefox browser-enabled Desktop and Android devices.

Imagine this; you are trying to increase your website repeating traffic and notice that you aren’t getting any traction from Mozilla Firefox browsers yet, while other browsers are contributing well. How do you reach out to this specific audience subset to re-engage them? Try out VWO Engage to solve this problem. Using our push notification tool supporting the Firefox browser for desktop and Android mobile devices, you could easily retarget your audience in no time.

example of mobile push notification promoting flash sale

Mobile push notifications

Connect with your mobile audience without the need to build a mobile app. Push notifications function in the same way. Subscribers receive notifications directly on their Android device from your website, if they have the Firefox browser installed.

Without The Need For A Mobile App
a screenshot of how many subscribers onboarded

Onboard the subscribers

Map out a journey for your new subscribers to help them explore and familiarize themselves with your website. Start a welcome drip campaign right after a visitor opts in to become a subscriber. Automate a series of notifications to be triggered after specific intervals, taking them to different landing pages.

How it works
set targeting within push notifications

Target the right audience

Send the right message to the right audience. Create custom audience segments based on their user properties and website behavior. Segment your subscribers so you can send them relevant and interest-based messages to keep them hooked.

example of a push notification from an ecommerce store

Personalize the notifications

Add custom attributes to send hyper-personalized notifications. Add tags like first name, products or content engaged in, and much more. Give the subscriber a feel that it’s 1:1 marketing to make them feel important and to catch their attention, right away.

Why Personalize
example of push notification promoting flash sale

Automate your notifications

Send real-time notifications, right to your subscribers’ web browsers, of any news or updates. It’s even easy to schedule them for a later date and time, especially when you are running different campaigns. Set up an expiry date or time for time-sensitive messages.

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How to start sending push notifications to the Firefox Browser

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Install VWO SmartCode

Sign up for your VWO Engage account and copy-paste the VWO SmartCode to your website page, or email it to your developer.

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Enable opt-in

Set up an opt-in message that prompts the visitors to your website to click ‘Allow.’ This adds them to your subscriber list, so they can start receiving notifications from your website.

Send Push Notification Icon

Send notifications

Draft a message with the URL to your desired landing page and hit ‘Send Push Notifications.’ Subscribers will receive the message directly on their Firefox browser.

Why You should opt for VWO Engage push notifications

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Notifications permission

Increase your subscriber list with a single-click opt-in request to allow notifications from your website. There is no need to collect email ids or contact details to send push messages. Unlike sending an email, which could get lost in the inbox spam or junk folders, push notifications get displayed directly on the subscriber’s browser.

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Increase ROI

Reach out to your subscribers engaged with different websites on their browser and redirect them to your landing page. Use push notifications in different ways based on the outcome desired. Your strategy can include anything from increasing returning traffic, to re-engagement with certain pages, to completing certain goals.

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Better delivery rates

Our innovative technology automatically marks junk contact details as unsubscribers after repeated failed deliveries. This means, your notifications get sent only to live actual recipients. Your delivery rates will automatically improve when your messages are delivered. With VWO Engage, you pay only for the subscribers who really count.

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