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Schedule and Automate Push Notifications

Send instant notifications and set an expiry period to stop attempting after a specific duration.

Communicate with your subscribers using Chrome or Firefox browser on their desktop or Android devices, even when they aren’t on your website. Schedule the Push Notifications for the best time of the day to increase website engagement rate.

Schedule Notifications VWO Engage
screenshot of the push notifications on mobile apps

Send real-time notifications

VWO Engage real time push notifications for Android and web is well-suited for you and your website. Compose and send instant push messages to your audience to keep them actively engaged. This will ensure that your users stay constantly updated with all that’s going on with your business.

screenshot of the schedule push notifications feature

Schedule notifications

Planning to take a break but need to send those important notifications too? VWO Engage’s schedule notification feature let you fix them for a later date and time. This saves your time and gets delivered to your subscriber at the specified time.

screenshot of the expiration feature for push notifications

Set notification expiry

Most people love those limited-time deals and look forward to getting their hands on something exclusive and special. It sure is a compelling marketing strategy. To make it work for you, VWO Engage gives you the alternative of setting an expiry date and time, especially for such time-sensitive deals.

screenshot of the location targeting feature for push notifications

Local time-based notifications

Nothing can boggle your subscriber more than receiving push notifications at odd hours! We solved this by allowing you to specify the current time according to your business time-zone. Send push notification to your users based on their local time. This will ensure more clicks, more engagement, and the result will be higher traffic on your website. Tip: Segment your users to schedule better and generate better results.

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