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A Personalized Touch With Custom Push Notifications

The simplest way to get more subscribers and clicks easily.

Customize your browser push notifications to create a personalized user experience. Add more context to your campaign and strategies with rich push notifications. Boost your user engagement and increase traffic by 2x to your website with custom targeting.

an example of customized push notifications

Wondering how to customize push notifications?

an example of rich push notification in VWO Engage

Rich push notifications

Support your notifications with a custom image that adds more context to your messages. Try different themes or logos that work for your branding or offer value. If your subscribers are active on their Chrome (56+) browser, you can also display a big image. Connect with your audience by using an array of emojis that is acceptable worldwide, and lure them into performing the desired action, using limited text.

an example of adding CTA buttons to push notifications

CTA buttons

Keep your subscribers engaged with the right messages and land them to your desired webpage. With call-to-action buttons, you can direct them to separate landing pages for every button. Add UTM parameters and track how your notifications were received, right through your VWO Engage dashboard and Google Analytics, without any hassle.

an example of subscribing to push notifications through chicklet


You want the opt-in to disappear after a couple of seconds; but at the same time, you don’t want to miss losing out on potential subscribers? Do not worry; just add a chicklet to allow a user to subscribe, in case they did not do so on their first visit. You can also customize the text, location, and background color to merge with your branding.

Go ahead and personalize your push notifications

screenshot of segmented audience for push notification campaigns

Segment your audience

Categorize your audience based on different user properties and action. Add subscribers to different buckets, and start sending them relevant, personalized notifications.

an example of triggered push notifications campaign in VWO Engage

Triggered campaigns

Set a predefined entry and exit trigger for your campaigns. Interact with your subscribers through a series of automated messages to take them through a specified buyer journey.

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an example of push notifications welcome drip campaign in VWO Engage

Welcome Drip automation

Build an amazing onboarding experience for your subscribers with the welcome drip feature. Start sending a series of notifications triggered at specific intervals, once the visitor opts in as a subscriber to your website.

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