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Safari on Mac Push Notifications

Retarget and re-engage your subscribers using the Safari browser on their desktop.

Have you been losing out on opportunities to target MacBook users operating the Safari browser? This might be especially a big loss as many of these are likely your high-end targeted users. What if we tell you that it’s easy to generate repeated website traffic and to increase your business conversion rate through our Push Notification tool supporting the Safari desktop browser.

an example of segmentation in push notifications on safari

Segment Safari users

With VWO Engage’s segmentation feature, it’s easy to identify and target a subscribers subset operating Safari browsers. You can even bucket them together based on different conditions, such as their browser preference, user properties, actions performed on the website, and much more. Once you have done this, you can send them hyper-personalized messages demanding their immediate attention.

an example of triggered push notification campaigns on safari

Build triggered campaign

Why stick to generic campaigns, when you can customize the campaign all the way. Create a campaign for all your subscribers, or for a specific audience based on your defined persona. Set up an entry point for subscribers to enter the campaign. Send a series of notifications to engage them, directing them toward completing a certain goal, such as performing a certain action or taking part in a tour to explore the website.

How it works
an example of push notification on safari

Leverage your subscribers

Does your data show that a certain amount of your high paying traffic comes through Safari? If yes, then we have a way to turn these window-shoppers into loyal customers. Get ROI using push notifications to get subscribers to return to your website, from anywhere on the Safari browser.

Find out how e-commerce uses Web Push Notifications

Why your business needs VWO Engage web push notifications

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Easy communication

Send push messages to your subscriber to keep them engaged whenever they are active on their web browser. Reach out with a real-time update or schedule them for a later date and time when your subscribers are most active.

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Instant subscribers

Increase repeat traffic to your website, from different web browsers, with Push Notifications. Set up a customized opt-in permission to subscribe, without the need to collect email ids or contact details, and to reach out to customers.

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Better CTR

Since the notification lands directly on the subscribers’ browser, it’s likely to get more visibility and to generate more clicks. Unlike email, it won’t get lost in the inbox spam or junk folder or opened too late when the message is then outdated or has lost its relevance.

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