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MyEnglishTeacher Increased CTR Using A/B Testing

18.76% Click-through rate

About Myenglishteacher

Anastasia Koltai had a simple yet laudable vision- to enable anyone with an internet connection to learn English, for free. She decided to create ‘The World’s Friendliest Online English Language School’ and in 2010, MyEnglishTeacher.eu was launched.

The website offers one-to-one English lessons over Skype with instructors who are native speakers of the language. Apart from live chat rooms, the online school also provides a wealth of resources like quizzes and videos to their students. Anastasia excitedly tells us that through MyEnglishTeacher, she wants to help people from all over the world become proficient speakers of English.


MyEnglishTeacher relied heavily on email marketing to engage their users. After testing different send times, templates, email subject-lines, and content, they were able to increase their opt-in rate to 3.5% and click-through rate to 10%.

Anastasia was happy with these numbers they were getting from email marketing. When she first saw push notifications powered by VWO Engage on another website, she decided to give it a try.

Tests run

In a single day, they got 160+ subscribers through push notifications alone.

PushCrew opt-in on MyEnglishTeacher.eu

With VWO Engage, Anastasia is able to send a new notification to their audience, any time, in less than a minute.

It takes me 30 seconds to create a new notification and it’s amazing to see hundreds of people coming to your website right after the notification is sent. I don’t have to pay an assistant to create it and it is much more effective than email marketing.

To find out the best time to send a notification, Anastasia played with the scheduling feature of VWO Engage. She has now found a time at which people are most receptive to her messages. She uses web push notifications to promote everything from new videos to short quizzes on their website.

PushCrew welcome push notification from MyEnglishTeacher.eu

Anastasia’s team has also made use of the welcome notification feature of VWO Engage. As soon as you subscribe to notifications from MyEnglishTeacher, you get a welcome notification saying that they are glad to see you. And they also offer a quick complimentary lesson on other ways to say “Nice to meet you”.


As they were depending a lot on email marketing in the past, Anastasia was happy to use a technology that could let her communicate with their audience in a quick and crisp manner with 2X better results.

After one and a half month of using VWO Engage, we have over 6000 subscribers. Impressive. It is a subscription rate we have with our email opt-in as well. However, we had to test titles, colors, and content for months to improve our email subscription rate to 3.5%. With push notifications, we get the same results without testing anything.

Our email open rate is quite high – normally over 35%, however the CTR is low (10%) compared to the CTR of push notifications, which is at 20%.

Anastasia now aims to improve the CTR of the push notifications further by testing what content works best. She also hopes that, in the near future, she would be able to do more sophisticated targeting and even add emojis in notifications.

According to Anastasia:
30 seconds is all it takes to create a notification and it is much more effective than email marketing!

163 Myenglishteacher


Százhalombatta, Hungary




18.76% increase in Click-through rate

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