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World Israel News Increased CTR Using VWO Testing

15% Click-through rate

About World Israel News

World Israel News (WIN) is an online news outlet that reports important events and stories from Israel to a global audience. Their reader base consists of people who want to know what’s really happening in the country, and how these events can impact the world.

The goal of the website is to provide easy access to the latest news, presented in a truthful, honest way. Apart from focusing on high quality reporting, they also encourage constructive debates and exchange of ideas among their readers.


Their primary objective of the company was to provide easy access to the latest news to its readers across the globe.


The website constantly focuses on maximising user experience and finding the best ways to deliver news. When they signed up for VWO Engage, they already knew that sending push notifications was a great way to build a loyal audience. But, understanding the true capabilities of the tool was a challenge for the company.

Tests run

Unlike other online publishing websites, news portals produce new content by the minute. So it’s important to decide on the frequency of sending updates to their readers.

Initially, WIN was experimenting with the frequency of sending push notifications and dispatching two updates on a daily basis. However, their Notification Consultant from VWO Engage noticed that they were losing around 170 subscribers a day and initiated a discussion with them to find out the root cause of this problem.

On a trial basis, the news website reduced their frequency of sending push notifications to six per week. The experiment gave them positive results. Not only did the number of unsubscribes came down, but they also started collecting 90 new subscribers every day. They currently enjoy an average click rate of 15%.

Currently WIN has a notification subscriber base of over 37,000+ users.


World Israel News finds web push notifications a great way to bring people to their website. However, they feel that the character limit of 48 characters for the notification title is a bit too short for their liking. On the other hand, their favourite VWO Engage feature is the ‘Quick Preview’ which enables them to see a short summary of what will be sent across when they clicked on ‘Send Notification.’

They have a word of advice for the other online publishers out there – test to see what kind of notification copy works best for your audience before taking an action.

We asked them how their experience with VWO Engage has been so far. Here’s what they had to say, “The notifications get sent right away. We don’t need to wait a few seconds until it is actually sent. Also, VWO Engage’s customer service is great and friendly, and very prompt. They are always available when you have a question or issue, which is important, as pushes can be very timely.”

“The notification gets sent right away. Also, [VWO Engage’s] customer service is great, friendly, and very prompt,” said a senior executive at World Israel News, Media and News Website, when asked about their experience with VWO Engage.

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New York, USA




15% increase in Click-through rate

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