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Buy Whole Foods Increased CTR Using VWO

15.2% Click-through rate

About Buywholefoodsonline

Buy Whole Foods Online is a family run business and brainchild of cousins, Arthur Martin and Joe Cooper. In 2007, they launched their business out of a rented garden shed which they remodelled into a mini warehouse.

From these humble origins, the company has grown incredibly quickly, year on year, to become the leading seller of whole foods, health foods, and superfoods in the UK and the rest of Europe. Arthur, an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in whole foods, still oversees the supply and selection of all the fresh and organic produce they offer.


In 2015, Becky, the Marketing Director at the company, was exploring new channels of communication to bring customers back to their website. Impressed with the instant and simple nature of push notifications, she decided to give VWO Engage a try.

Tests run

Buy Whole Foods Online is one of VWO Engage’s earliest adopters and possibly one of the early adopters of the technology of push notifications for websites. They tested out different time durations, messages, and offers to trigger the opt-in prompt. Here’s how it appears on BuyWholeFoodsOnline.com’s mobile website:

Their first notification offered a 17% discount on one of their best-selling products- Ecover Non Bio Washing Powder. The notification was delivered to 736 subscribers of whom 49  clicked through and reached the product page, with an overwhelming majority of them completing the purchase.

“Using push notifications, we can guide them better to a specific page on our website which they otherwise may not find. We can fulfil their personal preferences better,” observed Becky.

So far, their most popular notification that sent subscribers into frenzy has been this tempting offer on Coconut Water.

The notification received a click rate of 15.2%. Out of the 97 people that reached the product page after clicking on the notification, 71 actually made a purchase. Not just that, this one notification helped them clock a 3-digit revenue. When people were on the website, apart from the coconut water which was on offer, they also browsed through other products – adding them to their cart, to qualify for free shipping.

For this notification, we encouraged them to add the word “CLICK” explicitly, as it imparted a clear call to action to the notification. The notification didn’t just mention what was on offer but also instructed how subscribers can get the offer.


With the help of VWO Engage, Buy Whole Foods Online was able to reengage their users. Whenever a product was on discount or offer, pushing a notification about it, brought them back.

Becky now aims to test and come up with the best time for sending notifications, and also optimise their copy to get the best click rate possible.

According to Beckey:

Using VWO Engage, we fulfil our users’ personal preferences better by guiding them to relevant pages on the website.

45 Buy Whole Foods Online


Kent, United Kingdom




15.2% increase in Click-through rate

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