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Freeflys Increased CTR To About 13%

Click-through Rate
98 Freeflys




Roseville, CA (US)

Capabilities Used

Web Push Notifications

VWO and FreeFlys

Until a few years ago, finding the best coupons meant scouting through magazines and flyers, armed with a pair of scissors to snip across dotted lines that said “Cut Here.”, an online directory for coupons, was created to take the edge and sharp instruments off this experience.

The website was founded by Trancos, Inc., a leading media company based in Pleasanton, California. It is one among their several lifestyle products that cater specifically to women. Freeflys curates free samples and deals from sought-after brands across diverse categories like beauty, food, and toys.


Alex was exploring how he could enable notifications for his website.

He stumbled upon VWO Engage while browsing ProductHunt. He was delighted to see a service provider already delivering what he was trying to build. Instead of investing time and resources in reinventing the wheel, he decided to give the ready-to-use VWO Engage a try.


As the next step, Alex signed up for a free account and added the VWO Smartcode to his website. In less than 3 minutes, push notifications from Freeflys were up and running.

A notification went out from Freeflys as soon as a new sample was on offer. Unlike email, push notifications do not require smart subject lines to get more opens and engaging content for achieving great number of click-throughs. They just write a two-line message informing their subscribers about the product that’s on offer. Direct, simple, and easy to understand!

When it came to time-sensitive deals, push notifications were much faster and effective in communicating them than emails which had a risk of going unread before the deals were exhausted.

The average click rate from the first 20 notifications they sent out is 12.55%. Freeflys built a list of 4,400 subscribers in just 30 days of installation of VWO Engage. Have a look at the notification that worked best for them so far:

Freeflys notification - VWO Engage case study


Alex is thrilled to see Freeflys’ subscriber list growing. “Push notifications fill a role that no other marketing channel can, when it comes to instant communication with our community. This is definitely a medium to watch out for,” he remarks.

According to Alex:
Push notifications fill a role that no other channel of communication can. And with VWO Engage, Freeflys could set up its push notifications in less than 3 minutes!

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