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Why slow down your website with multiple code snippets!

VWO SmartCode gets you user insights, lets you run experiments, and re-engage with your audience. All of this by using just one piece of code snippet—VWO SmartCode.

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VWO SmartCode is a code snippet that contains your unique Account ID and allows your website to interact with VWO servers. Based on your configuration, the VWO SmartCode captures user engagement data and renders the desired version of the page. All of this in a fraction of a second, unnoticeable to the human eye, and even SEO crawlers, so it does not affect your SEO.


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Effortless installation

Installing the VWO SmartCode is so simple; it can be done in a jiffy. You can either place the SmartCode in your website <Head> tag or use plug-ins for third-party integrations. VWO’s third-party plug-ins and tag manager integrations help you bypass developers, for a faster turnaround and instant go-live. All you need to do is decide on which version of VWO SmartCode suits your website best—Asynchronous, Synchronous, or Single Page Application (SPA).

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VWO is hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) servers behind Google Load Balancer. There are multiple servers strategically located throughout the world to keep the latency minimum. Our servers are currently located in Netherlands, Sydney, Iowa, Oregon, South Carolina, North Virginia, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Delhi, Belgium, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Singapore. VWO SmartCode fetches appropriate configuration from our CDN, and applies the changes on the browser-side by manipulating the DOM / HTML as it loads. Check the 99.99%+ VWO SmartCode uptime.

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Once the VWO SmartCode is deployed on your website, you are not required to change it to access new features developed by VWO, which happens very often. The VWO SmartCode gets you all the new and old features of the powerful platform on its own. No requests needed for access to new features, no code changes required.

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One-time deployment

VWO SmartCode is to be installed on your entire website only once, and for all pages of your website—a universal deployment. The <Head> section is the same across the entire website, so the VWO SmartCode will be present automatically on new pages too! For third-party plug-in-based setup also, new pages will have the VWO SmartCode as long as your configuration does not have any specific exclusion rules. You don’t need to install the VWO SmartCode multiple times to utilize any of VWO’s capabilities to the fullest or for each test you run—VWO SmartCode will manage that for you.

Secure and Compliant

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