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Impegio Increase Their CTR Using VWO Testing

15% Click-through rate

About Impegio

Impegio is Italy’s largest and most comprehensive search engine to find jobs. They aggregate job listings from thousands of websites, including employment boards, recruitment firms, associations, and company career pages.

The goal of the website is to provide easy access for job seekers to find jobs ranging from temporary employment to complex project services, personnel consulting to headhunting, career management and lots more.


Impegio’s primary objective was to drive leads, increase conversions and boost engagement for the brand.


Back in 2017, Gennaro Augurio, Commercial Manager at Impegio noticed that although the company was driving a huge amount of traffic to their homepage, only a small percentage of those people were actually subscribing to the website.

Sensing the need to increase user retention and drive user loyalty, Gennaro and his team started exploring marketing channels which could help them create brand stickiness. In the process they stumbled upon VWO Engage.

Tests run

After integrating VWO Engage with Impegio’s website, Gennaro and his team finished installing the VWO Smartcode and sent out their first push notification. Within a few minutes, Impegio’s website saw an astounding 200% increase in their traffic, which also helped them gain their first set of 120 subscribers!

Since Impegio’s primary goal was to help people find suitable jobs, Gennaro and his team mainly sent push notifications about new job alerts, job recommendations, recruitment drives, HR conferences, etc. By employing a combination of VWO Engage’s audience segmentation feature, they were able to send relevant push messages based on a user’s interest.

As a practice, Impegio also constantly monitors their push notifications using VWO Engage’s reporting dashboard.

Upon asking Gennaro about his experience, he quoted, “The VWO Engage dashboard is like our holy grail for push notifications. It gives us insights on how our customers interact with push notifications and allows us to further optimize them for better results.”

Put in perspective, push notifications have a significant cumulative impact on customer retention.


At the moment Impegio gets an average click rate of 15% from their push notifications, which is astounding if you compare it with the open rate for emails which is as low as 2-3%. Their all time highest click rate for notifications has been a whopping 45%.

Since their notifications are extremely personalized and targeted, they’re usually successful in enticing subscribers to their homepage, resulting in an average session time of 3 minutes, thereby increasing Impegio’s credibility in Google’s search engine.

Push Notification Tips by Gennaro

We asked Gennaro to share some push notification tips for fellow marketers. Here’s what he had to say, “There’s a thin line between engaging your audience and being intrusive. We did a lot of A/B testing with our push messages, experimented with content, colors, images and timing. Our key tip would be to avoid sending more than two push messages in a day.”

Impegio typically sends over 5-6 push notifications over a span of 5 days.

121 Impegio





Experiment goals

Increase in CTR


15% increase in Click-through rate

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