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Nemzeti Achieved CTRs by Using A/B Testing

29% Click-through rate

About Nemzeti Sport Online

The Nemzeti Sport Daily brings sporting action from around the world to the people of Hungary. It is run by one of the biggest media houses in the country, Mediaworks.

Mediaworks took the Hungarian media world by storm and became the industry leader right from the moment they were established in late 2014. With over sixty media brands in their portfolio, they are the perfect amalgamation of traditional and new age journalism. On one hand, they own the most state-of-the-art newspaper printing press in Hungary. And on the other, they have a host of popular digital media services.

Staying true to this philosophy, they also own Nemzeti Sport Online, around-the-clock sports online news service. The website also features interviews and blog posts by journalists and sportspersons.

Visitors can comment, launch blogs, or upload sports videos and photos. Reports on important matches are presented alongside analysis of the most interesting stories unfolding in the world of sport. By publishing around 130 pieces of content- both text and video, each day, the website covers every major sporting event from around the world.


Béla, product manager with Nemzeti Sport Online, was looking for a communication channel that could increase pageviews by bringing users back to their website, daily. He was already aware of the capabilities of web push notifications. Hence, his mission was to find the best provider of this technology. After trying out VWO Engage, he was impressed with its easy success in realizing Nemzeti Sport’s end goals.

Currently, the website sends one notification a day. The editorial team identifies the most interesting and premium piece of content, and users are notified of it. Usually, the daily notification will be centred around reports, interviews, and summaries.

Tests run

Béla soon discovered that, in comparison with their newsletter, push notifications were giving them much higher numbers on various counts. The subscriber list was growing faster and the click-through rate was more.

The average click rate they have received on their notifications is a massive 24.12%. Their best click rate so far is 29%. This shows that their strategy of using VWO Engage to get return visits has been working consistently well.

When it comes to social media, Béla finds the number of visitors from these platforms much more quantifiable. However, the average number of page views generated from push notifications is double the number generated from readers visiting the website through social media.

When visitors click through a notification which is delivered on their browser, the website sending it gets their almost undivided attention. This is unlike on social media where you have stories from multiple websites vying to get noticed.


Béla is happy with the way VWO Engage is delivering the desired numbers. He has ambitious plans for putting the technology to further use in the future.

“Going ahead, we want to use VWO Engage to support our native advertising solutions. We would like to use it to promote our other channels as well- newsletter, social media, etc. In fact, we are thinking about how can we use it to increase print sales!”

Apart from being delighted with the product, he is impressed with the service too.

He signs off from the interaction saying, “VWO Engage is a great enabler in bringing users back and distributing our selected content. And the effectiveness can be measured easily. As for the VWO Engage team, they are very flexible and helpful. They are available whenever required.

According to Bela:
VWO Engage brought us easy success in meeting our end goals, increasing page views and bringing users back to the website, every day.

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Budapest, HU



Experiment goals

Increase in CTR


29% increase in Click-through rate

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