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LA Tourism Reduced Bounce Rate Using VWO

43% Bounce rate

About LA Tourism

LA Tourism is the official tourism marketing organization that promotes Los Angeles as the premier destination for leisure travel, meetings and conventions. The organization works proudly on behalf of more than 1,100 member businesses from the area’s hospitality community and is responsible for sales and marketing efforts focused on the meetings & convention industry, domestic and international leisure travelers, travel trade and media worldwide.

LA Tourism has been using VWO Engage’s push notification services for a long time. In a conversation with Bad Truong, a Web Developer at LA Tourism who also looks after the marketing of the organization, we asked him about his experience with VWO Engage and how our push notification tool has helped the organization in totality. Here’s what he had to say!


The main objective of the organization was to look for new channels which could help them engage with their audience in a better manner and increase retention rate.


One day, Bao was reading an article on Neil Patel’s blog, and he received a Web Push Notification, requesting him to subscribe to the blog. He noticed that the notification was powered by VWO Engage. Intrigued to find out more about our platform, Bao got in touch with our Sales team and within a couple of days, signed up with VWO Engage.

But, the main challenge here was to understand whether or not push notification would work wonders for their website.

Tests run

Recalling their efforts, Bao told that their very first push notification was a massive hit. The company saw an astonishing click-rate of 16%. They realized that web push notification as a channel was both attention grabbing and non-invasive.

Excited with their initial success, Bao decided to add personalization and make communication more relevant to their users. They then started using VWO Engage’s Segmentation Feature and created user buckets based on the ‘category of pages’ that people visited. This helped them understand what their users really liked reading on LA tourism’s website and enabled them to send their users targeted push notifications based on their interests.

But Bao and his team didn’t stop there. They decided to get really, really granular.

The team wrote a script to pull information from articles and landing pages that their users visited and automatically stored it in their browser cookies. The script was collecting information such as – niche categories users visited, the last article they visited, the last category they visited, how many times they visited a particular article or an article of a particular category, etc.

With all this information stored in the user’s cookies, they were now able to leverage VWO Engage’s segmentation-by-cookie-value feature to put users into granular segments based on their website behavior. This made it easier for them to identify a visitor’s interest in a particular topic and send notifications as per their interest.


LA Tourism started seeing an astounding 8x growth in their click rate after using VWO Engage’s Audience Segmentation feature. Their users were spending more time on the website and their bounce rate reduced by 43%.

Push Notification Tips by Bao Truong:

We asked Bao to share some push notification tips and here’s what he listed down:

  • Use emojis.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are great to send out notifications.
  • Use personalization, catchy headlines and crisp and clear messages.
  • LA Tourism’s push notifications receive maximum opens between 10 am to 2 pm.

He further insists one the fact that one size does not fit all. Bao recommends marketers to experiment with various time slots and days to send push messages and make them as personalized as possible for best results.

135 La Tourism


LA, California




43% decrease in Bounce rate

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