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2018’s Most Comprehensive Report On Push Notification Usage And Use-cases

Radhika Chugh
Content Marketer at PushCrew

The second edition of The State of Web Push Notifications report is here, and it is packed with data to help you create a successful Push Notification strategy for 2018. PushCrew’s Data Science team looked into more than 1000 websites to understand how the notification usage landscape is evolving. This analysis resulted in insights on optimizing Web Push Notifications to achieve better results in terms of Frequency, Timing, Personalization, and Rich Push Notifications. 

Push Notification User-Landscape and Use-cases

The eCommerce industry takes the lead for using Web Push Notifications the most, for the second year in a row, with 22.03% users. Push Notifications are used for announcing offers or discounts, and announcing new products.

In fact, 33% of marketers from the eCommerce industry are leveraging the Notification Expiry feature to send time-bound offers.

However, with the advent of Smart Campaigns and Audience Segmentation, new use cases like welcoming a new subscriber and sending personalized notifications based on shopping or browsing history of subscribers are slowly making their presence felt.  

Similarly, the Media, Publishing, and Blogging industry also reports high usage with more than 18.79% users. 90% of publishers use it to promote new content and 60% use it for increasing number of page views. Nevertheless, a whopping 30% of publishers and bloggers have begun using it for reader retention.

In BFSI, which bags 3rd position with 8.35% users, Push Notifications are mostly used to cross-sell banking products like personal loans or promoting other types of accounts like Demat or Deposits.

As you can see, opportunities across all domains are limitless when it comes to Push Notifications.

Our Data Sources

This report consolidates information from:

1. 65+ Survey responses from Push Notification users
2. Over 375 Survey responses from general internet-users, and
3. An in-depth research of Push notification usage by more than 1000 PushCrew users.

But, why should I download this report?

The State of Push Notifications 2017-18 is a data-intensive report on how websites are currently using Push Notifications, and how they can optimize their Push Notification strategy. You can download the full report to learn:

– How Web Push Notifications have changed in the last year
– How subscribers perceive Push Notifications
– What are the optimal frequencies and ideal timings to send Push Notifications
And much more!

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