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Optimization in Product

Experimentation Mindset: Plan and Diversify like a Habit Scientist

Duration: 40 minutes


John Ostrowski

John Ostrowski

Director of Product & Experimentation

Wise Publishing, Inc.

John is a CRO veteran with background in applied statistics, growth and marketing. He loves speaking about product growth, experimentation, and financial freedom.

About The Session

‘Diversification is the only free lunch in investing’ Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

‘In business, the Four laws of Behaviour change can be used to create more effective products’ James Clear, author of Atomic Habits.

In this presentation, John will walk you through a few key product and experimentation frameworks that he uses when consulting and mentoring, bringing concepts together into a simple system to coordinate product initiatives and testing ideas.

His story begins with a career evolution from experimentation individual contributor (IC) to product leader, taking the driver’s seat to sync people, shape, and ship the product.


  • Exposure to experimentation frameworks and formulas supported by examples and wisdom
  • How to apply the science behind habit formation to coordinate ideation
  • Embracing an investor mindset for diversifying the portfolio of tests