Experimentation Program Maturity Report 2024

A detailed report prepared in collaboration with Speero by CXL

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Why you must read this eBook

Delve into the strategies and practices of 206 companies, uncovering key findings across four critical areas essential for driving effective experimentation programs.


The Report unveils 18 actionable insights which show you how to accelerate program speed and maximize impact. You’ll also find an exclusive peek into the strategies of high-maturity companies, along with expert advice on areas ripe for improvement. Benchmark your own performance against industry standards and unlock a treasure trove of how-tos, tips, and must-have practices to propel your experimentation initiatives forward.


But wait, there’s more! Join us live on May 22nd at 11 AM ET for an insightful discussion with Ben Labay, CEO of Speero, and Marc Miller, CRO Manager at Direct Energy, as they delve into the report’s findings. Reserve your spot here!

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