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AI-First Strategies to Drive Traffic and Conversions for 2024

Duration - 40 minutes
Eric Siu

Eric Siu

Founder, Single Grain

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Discover how Eric Siu’s agency, Single Grain, drove over 1 million new website visitors at a +59% higher conversion rate in 90 days by integrating innovative AI-driven strategies into their CRO and SEO practices, known as programmatic CRO (pCRO) and SEO (pSEO).

Imagine: At the click of a button, your landing pages dynamically adapt to feature content and elements specific to the keywords and products they are targeting. That’s the power of pCRO, transforming generic pages into highly personalized experiences. With pSEO, generate quality pages at scale that rank at the top of search results for relevant long-tail keywords, driving traffic that then converts.

Excited? In this session, Eric will guide you through how to implement these game-changing techniques for your own business, enhancing your digital strategy and maximizing your ROI.

Key Takeaways

  • How to leverage pCRO and pSEO to revolutionize your content and optimization.
  • Practical steps to integrate pCRO/pSEO into your strategy.
  • Exclusive pCRO prompts and a step-by-step pSEO playbook to take home.

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