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Meta-Analyses in Experimentation: The Whats and Hows

Duration - 40 minutes
Ruben de Boer

Ruben de Boer

Lead Conversion-Manager, Online Dialogue

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Every day, we try to optimize our websites for our potential customers. To be successful at this, knowing your potential customers is critical. We do (user) research and run experiments. But do we really understand our potential customers at every step of the journey? Are we really learning from their behavior?

In his presentation, Ruben shows a step-by-step method of using research and experimentation to combine all learnings into behavioral insights. With this method, you will not only improve your research and conversion rate optimization practices but actually learn and provide a much more pleasant journey for your potential customers! This will undoubtedly help you increase conversion rates and become a lot more successful in your job.


Key takeaways

  • Learning from every experiment requires good documentation
  • You start learning and seeing patterns in your customers' behavior by conducting multiple meta-analyses.
  • You will understand what works where in the customer journey and how
  • Using this data, you can build an evidence-based prioritization framework, helping you to prioritize your test ideas for more success

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