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Optimization Begins with Tracking the Right Metrics

VWO helps you track and analyze your key business metrics and visitor journeys on your website.


Track all your business metrics as goals

With VWO’s powerful tracking capabilities, you can now record website metrics on your landing pages, eCommerce shops, or travel websites, and then measure these as goals.

Track Business Metrics in VWO


Identify and set up conversion funnels to know where visitors drop off

Funnels help you map your visitors' journeys and quickly understand where they are dropping off. And with power features like URL pattern matching and regex, you can customize funnels to exactly follow these journeys.



Advanced segmentation to track your most valuable visitors

VWO’s segmentation capabilities allow you to bucket valuable traffic segments like visitors who made purchases, abandoned carts, and submitted forms, and then to create goals and funnels to focus on their unique journeys.


VWO Track Connects Well with Every Stage of Your Optimization Journey

In addition to monitoring performance of your key business metrics, you can:

  • Run A/B tests to improve performance of these Goals and Funnels.
  • See how your test campaigns impact the performance of your business metrics over a period of time.
  • Run a test to improve the performance of your Goal/Funnel and later analyze if the improvement, as shown in the results, is close to what you had expected.
  • Note down your insights from this data as Observations, while analyzing Goal or Funnel reports. These Observations combined with data insights from reports will help you understand the reason behind how your Goals/Funnels are performing.
After understanding your data, funnels, and drop-off points, see how VWO’s Analyze capabilities help you understand why users are leaving your funnel.
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