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VWO Excels in G2 Spring 2024 Reports: 155 Nominations, 28 Badges!

4 Min Read

We’re truly grateful for the recognition from our customers.

The G2 Spring 2024 reports have been released, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been nominated for 155 reports and received 28 badges. This reflects our commitment to meeting our clients’ expectations.

As they say, happiness grows when it’s shared, and we’re eager to share everything about our performance in these reports.

But for those who are new, let’s first understand what the G2 Spring Reports are all about.

Feature Image Vwo Excels In G2 Spring 2024 Reports 155 Nominations 28 Badges

What’s the deal with the G2 Spring 2024 Reports?

G2 rolls out quarterly reports like these based on feedback from the G2 user community, alongside info from online sources and social networks. These reports highlight:

  • The products with the happiest customers and the largest market presence. (Grid reports)
  • Performance in terms of usability, implementation, customer relationships, and results. (Index reports)
  • The dynamic landscape of market leaders and innovators, alongside those stagnating or declining. (Momentum reports)

Now that we’ve got the lay of the land, let’s get a quick overview of how VWO is stacked up in the Spring 2024 Reports. We will look at our performance with category (A/B testing, Personalization) as a filter. 

A/B testing

VWO has been featured in 36 reports focusing on A/B testing, securing an impressive 19 G2 badges along the way. Remarkably, it has leader badges in 14 out of 19 of these badges. It has claimed the number one spot in the Mid-Market Implementation Index Report, the Mid-Market Grid Report, and the Mid-Market Relationship Index Report. It is noteworthy that VWO has gained a leadership position in the Spring 2024 Grid Report.

This just goes to show how popular our tool is, how easy it is to use, and the fantastic client relationships our team fosters. Check out this impressive shelf of badges that VWO racked up in the A/B testing category!

Badges that VWO racked up in the A/B testing category


In the personalization space, VWO appears in 34 reports for its seamless implementation, user-friendly interface, and impressive success rate. Here, VWO has clinched leadership badges in four reports and earned recognition for its lightning-fast implementation in the Enterprise Implementation Index Report.

Badges that VWO racked up in the Personalization category

E-commerce personalization

VWO has made its mark in 26 reports on e-commerce personalization, showcasing its superior implementation, usability, results, and customer relationships across small to enterprise-grade categories. Notably, we snagged a badge for being the swiftest software to implement in the Enterprise Implementation Index Report.

VWO racked up 'Fastest Implementation' badge in Enterprise Index Award.

Personalization engines

VWO has been highlighted in 25 reports on personalization engines, praised for the user-friendly interface, seamless implementation, outstanding customer relationships, and impressive success rate. We even earned a badge for delivering the best ROI in the Small-Business Results Index Report.

VWO racked up 'Best ROI' badge in the Small-Business Results Index Report.

Mobile app optimization

VWO has been showcased in 27 reports, thanks to seamless implementation, stellar results, user-friendly interface, and strong client relationships catering from small businesses to enterprise-grade operations. Notably, we earned a badge for high performance in the Small-Business Grid Report.

VWO racked up 'High Performer' badge in the Small-Business Grid Report.

Feature management

In the feature management category, VWO has made its mark in seven reports, thanks to its easy implementation, outstanding usability, results-driven capabilities, and impeccable customer relationships. Remarkably, it landed a leadership badge in the Asia Pacific Regional Grid Report.

VWO racked up 'Leadership' badge in the Asia Pacific Regional Grid Report

So, there you have it!

A huge thank you to all our customers who’ve taken the time to share their valuable reviews and give high ratings to VWO. Your feedback inspires us to keep striving for excellence and remain at the top of our game in the market.

If you want to delve into details, hop over to VWO’s G2 profile.

Curious about what VWO brings to the table for you?

If our track record in the G2 2024 Spring Reports impresses you, here are some valuable insights into VWO that you should know.

VWO is an experience optimization platform empowering brands to enhance their core business metrics through comprehensive conversion optimization initiatives driven by customer behavior data. We offer a suite of seamlessly integrated capabilities to consolidate customer data, uncover behavioral insights, formulate hypotheses, conduct A/B tests across server, web, and mobile platforms, deploy feature rollouts, customize experiences, and enhance customer journeys from start to finish.

VWO is a platform to fuel your full-funnel optimization program. So, sign up for a full-featured free trial to accelerate your journey toward improved conversion rates.

Ketan Pande
Ketan Pande I’m a content marketer at VWO, reading and writing on topics like behavior analytics, conversion rate optimization, and experimentation. Prior to VWO, I built and managed my own website where I discussed business growth and career. When I’m not at my desk, you’ll find me exploring nature trails, cycling through the countryside, or seeking out new physical challenges—those are my ideas of a good time! Want to start a conversation with me? Just mention BIRDS, and you’ll have my undivided attention.
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