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Using Data-Backed Behavioral Insights to Fuel Mobile App A/B Tests

Duration - 40 minutes
Piyush Sharma

Piyush Sharma

Sr. Manager - Product Marketing, VWO

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As per a survey by Zipdo, data-driven A/B testing can boost app engagement by a whopping 72%. It’s true, and it’s all about finding the right thing to test. But how do you come up with those genius A/B test ideas? That’s exactly what our webinar is here for.

We will show you how watching your users’ moves (thanks to session replays) and seeing where they tap (hello, heatmaps) can spark those brilliant ideas for your tests. It’s not just about guessing; it’s about knowing what will make your app stickier. So, if you’re all in for making your app more engaging, this is one you will want to take advantage of.

Why this webinar?

  • Discover how VWO Insights for Mobile Apps enables you to gather and analyze user behavior data, transforming it into actionable hypotheses for your A/B testing.
  • Learn how to move beyond intuition-based experiments to a structured approach that integrates session replays and heatmaps, offering a clear view of user interactions and pain points.
  • See how real-time insights can dramatically shorten the cycle from hypothesis to validation, allowing for rapid iterations and improvements.

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