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How To Keep Up As Your PMF Evolves

Duration - 45 minutes
Colin Crowley

Colin Crowley

CX Advisor, Freshworks

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All of Freshworks’ products have one common story and that is all about customer delight. But under the hood, there is another agenda – delighting the businesses themselves. Whatever the businesses need to do in their mission towards customer happiness, Freshworks will find a way to assist. And Freshchat’s story is probably the greatest example of this. 

Freshchat started out as a part of Freshdesk, a standard add-on to their helpdesk offering. That was almost a decade ago, before businesses truly started pushing the boundaries of what chat tools could possibly do. Now, Freshchat’s use is limited only by what its users want from it – engagement on the website, upselling, product recommendations,  lead gen, Freshchat does it all. 

Which brings us to our titular question: How To Keep Up As Your Product Market Fit Evolves? Colin Crowley, CX Advisor, and passionate customer advocate is here to tell us. 

Learn more about:

  • Freshchat's product and growth journey over the last 8 years
  • Experiments and learnings as their audience expanded
  • How they plan for growth as their PMF evolves

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