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How To Keep Up As Your PMF Evolves

Duration - 45 minutes

Learn more about:

  • Implement intuitive software: The software should be easy to use and intuitive, allowing agents to respond quickly and efficiently. This can be the difference between hitting or missing KPIs.
  • Embrace channel diversity: Different customers prefer different channels of communication. Offering a variety of channels and allowing customers to choose their preferred ones can enhance the customer experience
  • Adopt an a la carte approach to channels: Not all companies want to use all available channels. Allowing them to select the channels they want to use can provide a more tailored and effective service.
  • Integrate sales and support functions: Early integration of a sales component into the chat product can be beneficial, as sales and support functions are increasingly being unified.
  • Collaborate with marketing and sales teams: Regularly communicate with these teams and share insights from customer feedback and personal experiences to ensure the voice of the customer is heard and acted upon.

Summary of the session

The webinar featured Colin, a seasoned customer happiness and advocacy professional. He shared his experience with Freshchat, highlighting its ease of use, intuitive nature, and the importance of channel diversity. Colin emphasized the early integration of a sales component into Freshchat, setting it apart from competitors. He also discussed the value of engaging with peers in the technology space, attending conferences, and subscribing to software newsletters to stay updated on CX trends. 

Colin shared his insights from the recent Customer Contact Week in the US, noting technology trends towards knowledge management, agent assist, incentives, recognition, and agent gamification. When asked about the longevity of Freshchat, Colin pointed out its native chatbot functionality, which eliminates the need for third-party vendors, thus reducing costs and administrative hassles. He also mentioned the trend towards efficiency and multi-use platforms, and how Freshchat’s all-in-one solution offers simplicity and scalability. He concluded by emphasizing Freshchat’s ease of use and quick time to value, contributing to its longevity in the market.

Webinar Video


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Mutthulakshmi from VWO: Thank you so much, Colin, for making the time. I’m so happy you could join us. It’s already been a few minutes. So do you want to just get started with everything? Colin Crowley: Awesome. So oh, once again, ...