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Feature Flagging Your Way to Product Success

Duration - 60 minutes
Puneet Kaura

Puneet Kaura

Associate Director of Product Management, VWO

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In order to build great products, processes need to constantly evolve and withstand new challenges.. Product managers must regularly implement new methods to release experiences to their audience while ensuring a risk-free and phased rollout.

In this webinar, Puneet Kaura, Associate Director of Product Management at VWO, walks you through the process of building products with Feature Flagging. He will share insights and tips on implementing a feature flagging framework that helps product and development teams serve and scale great experiences for the audience while decoupling deployment from releases.

Key Takeaways

  • Challenges faced by product builders while rolling out features
  • Feature Flags - The What, Why, and How of seamless implementation with VWO FullStack
  • How Featuring Flagging supports Product Manager JTBDs

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